• Duke9

    Anime Review:Episode 146

    September 1, 2012 by Duke9

    The effect of Infinity Clock...... soon Kinana will once again turn to be a snake.

    Adult Wendy, but small boob, if Wendy is Ocelot, only mean that Adult Wendy is Revolver Ocelot.

    Finally Racer got salvation by Mirajane, not surprised.

    Laki and Gildarts are faster than Christina. How clever Laki.

    Amm, a shadow behind Master Zero, this is strange, that looks same as Imitatia.

    Ichiya do a well job.

    Wally's magic is good, It may keep useful later.

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  • Duke9

    Curse it, Gajeel could't make it.

    Once again, Natsu stole the spotlight what he didn't deserve.

    Not only this, that hint Natsu X Lucy, another curse is forged by lock down other comrade like Loke( Why he didn't show himself).

    And no sign for Gajeel, curse it.

    Zeref, aka jelly fool, that fool once again fishing other fool named Jellal.

    That only mean next chapter is the past of Captain Mermaid.

    Even I accept Sabertooth's losing because the score, but not Natsu.

    Totally, that is piece of curse.

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  • Duke9

    Fairy Tail Ep 144 Review

    August 18, 2012 by Duke9

    That fake Michelle is one of the ROS, maybe her magic is control the dream.
    Juvia done the well job like Wendy.
    Gray and Freed are failed...... too bad.
    I see, maybe Angel will be dusted by Blue Pegasus.
    Jackpot's magic... so many ROS are power up by magic item.
    Midnight...... you are failed...... only one hit? Hurt Bisca more!
    Ok, If Midnight bring Bisca to prison where Earth Coco is, I will forgive Midnight.
    For now, Earth Byro is a complete puppet...... How pathetic.

    By the way, if Bisca is Solid Snake, Karen is Big Boss, and Erza Knightwalker is Liquid Snake.
    That only mean fake Michelle is Solidus Snake.

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  • Duke9

    Fairy Tail 295 Review

    August 17, 2012 by Duke9

    This Chapter is Sting's one man show.

    And we know Jenny's hair color...

    Sting and Lector's promise...... not bad.
    Yeah I know Natsu and Gajeel still function because those two still haven't show all their card.
    However What the hell are Natsu doing? The curse of Tenrou Island again?

    So, the curse is done, however it can be cured.

    1, Gajeel join the battle again.
    2, Sting and Rogue can't use too much dragon force and caused them lack of mana so Natsu can win with better MP.
    3, Gajeel find something good or bad in tunnel.

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  • Duke9

    Rouge do not protect Minerva, finally I understand why he is interesting in Gajeel.

    Aquarius didn't got punishment, too bad.

    Fairy Tail AB team got combined, thanks Duck Tail, Jellal bomb is disabled.

    However why Erza is here, she can't face Minerva, I see, Captain Mermaid will send Erza to recycle factory, then Mirajane can send Minerva to outer space.

    Tag battle, as I thought before, Sting and Rogue will face Natsu and Gajeel. Sting maybe doomed. I am worried about Frosch and Lector.

    Day 5 is rest day, ammm, Erza will face rage of Milliana. And Yukino will rise again.

    Grand Magic Game = Dragon King Feast, and Human, Dragon and Devil.

    Who is devil? Mirajane? Zeref? Rabbit? or a guy who has Zeref like magic?

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