I have been thinking about this a lot lately and it has really started to get to me. You see we all know someone is going to play the martyr but I want to discuss past moments as well as possible future ones. In the past we had in the manga Erza about to block Altairis and then merge with The Tower of Heaven, Gramps with Acnologia and then a long time later with Ajeel (I don't know why I call Makarov that I just guess I've gotten too obsessed with Fairy Tail). In the anime we had Erza when she went against Jose and Natsu with the Draginoid (And Erza you have no room to tell Natsu about sacrificing himself for everyone else because you tried it too jerk, plus yours was canon, twice and in consecutive chapters). I'm not including Aquarius because she wasn't going to die from her sacrifice in the first place or Gray during the GMG because it was obvious that he wasn't going to die, permanently I mean, and definitely not Happy with Jackal because it was obvious comedic relief. Because of all these things I've really thought that we will see a lot of this in the future, except this time it's for real. The ones I want to discuss are some that are obvious and some that can be considered borderline. I can see Gramps and/or some of the other Wizard Saints and possibly Jellal die from fighting August. Next I think that some of the side characters will die from helping and/or in some cases, protecting the MC's. Maybe a Kinana and Erik moment or Jet and Droy protecting Levy, something like that. But what I think the biggest one, which while the others were real this can be considered borderline, is Natsu. Yes I said Natsu and here is why. While yes it is obvious he'll come back to normal, but Mashima might pull an M. Night Shyamalan on us because he's done similar things before, I think that something will cause him to open the book of END, knowing full well the consequences, and turn back to his old self in a sense. This will cause him to be END for a while and why I think this can be considered him being a martyr is because something happens in the war that makes him want to risk it all in order to save everyone even if it means he will never truly see them again. But this is all just speculation obviously. But what do you guys think about all this and say what characters you think will do this and why, if at all.

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