Okay so now that things are really about to go down, I thought I might add my ideas to the mix. First I want to back track to the group's strength. On Alvarez they have the Spriggan 12 who out of what we have seen seem to be pretty strong, then there's Fairy Tail who we have all seen how strong some of them are. I mean Laxus took out the sand wave with 1 hit, so it's safe to assume Erza is on that level in her own way. Now Natsu and Gray as we all know are still going to be on the same level as each other in a sense. In my opinion Lucy, Wendy, and even Carla have improved the most out of the characters we've seen. Wendy has Dragonforce, Lucy has Stardress, and Carla can transform, making them seem to have had a lot more growth during the time skip. Not to mention Pantherlily who seems to be able to be in his bigger form for longer periods of time. But once I saw this it made me think how much more powerful would they be if Acnologia didn't attack.

Then there is the God Serena is Yury theory.I believe God Serena isn't Yury but he is connected to the Dreyars by being and I might get a bit of hate for this but please think it over, Makarov's second son. To me it makes more sense because while Yury was a funny guy and all he just wouldn't seem to be that obnoxious.

Now I've been wondering what Makarov is thinking about his conversation with Zeref because of Zeref saying "Thank you for raising Natsu", because this could be some type of deal breaker.

Then with E.N.D, I'm pretty sure he will be revived but how it's going to happen will be harder to predict. Remember how Igneel told Natsu not only not to destroy it, but to open it as well. This makes me believe that if Natsu opens the book E.N.D will awaken. But to revive E.N.D they first need to get the book and get Natsu to open it. So what I think will go down is they get the book, drop it and Natsu grabs it by the cover opening it in a way. This will lead to the probable cliche where the character is fighting inside his mind, while everyone else fights his body on the outside. The only other way I think that E.N.D can be revived is if Zeref and August, who Makarov has mentioned to possibly know more types of magic than Zeref made a miniature Face thing like a grenade. Or they could have found a way to undo the seal which isn't likely by using some magic that surpasses Igneel's.

Now we have seen in the last few chapters the war is beginning. We saw all the talks and stuff but I'm wondering how will Acnologia be involved. I mean will Zeref have told him where it's going to start, or will he just find them or something. Then there was the obvious thought that Ajeel would be the first Spriggan to bite the dust. This is somewhat proven when he turns out to be the one leading the attack against the guild. And how will the other guilds in Fiore get involved, we already have Crime Sorciere but what about Sabertooth, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, and the other guilds where do they come in.

Now to leave some happy thoughts, it seems GaLe had a moment in the most recent chapter, and with GrUvia as well. Though I don't know how to put the moment with Natsu and Lucy, was there like a subtle NaLu moment I don't really know.

Well that's all I have please remember these are my personal opinions and don't forget to comment on what you think.

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