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September 26, 2015
  • Draenalisk

    The Martyrs

    November 7, 2015 by Draenalisk

    I have been thinking about this a lot lately and it has really started to get to me. You see we all know someone is going to play the martyr but I want to discuss past moments as well as possible future ones. In the past we had in the manga Erza about to block Altairis and then merge with The Tower of Heaven, Gramps with Acnologia and then a long time later with Ajeel (I don't know why I call Makarov that I just guess I've gotten too obsessed with Fairy Tail). In the anime we had Erza when she went against Jose and Natsu with the Draginoid (And Erza you have no room to tell Natsu about sacrificing himself for everyone else because you tried it too jerk, plus yours was canon, twice and in consecutive chapters). I'm not including Aquarius be…

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  • Draenalisk

    Okay so now that things are really about to go down, I thought I might add my ideas to the mix. First I want to back track to the group's strength. On Alvarez they have the Spriggan 12 who out of what we have seen seem to be pretty strong, then there's Fairy Tail who we have all seen how strong some of them are. I mean Laxus took out the sand wave with 1 hit, so it's safe to assume Erza is on that level in her own way. Now Natsu and Gray as we all know are still going to be on the same level as each other in a sense. In my opinion Lucy, Wendy, and even Carla have improved the most out of the characters we've seen. Wendy has Dragonforce, Lucy has Stardress, and Carla can transform, making them seem to have had a lot more growth during the t…

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