aka Drac

  • I live in United States, coupled with double visits to a world of zombies and vampire hunters.
  • I was born on September 12
  • My occupation is a student, in addition to being a vampire hunter, magician, and a weird kid.
  • I am a girl, as well as a huge number of other beings and genders in my fantasy world.
  • DraculaFan

    So. This is my SECOND blog, and I guess this is even more hilarious that what happened during the first one. I'm leaving this wiki. Not the whole wikia organization, just this wiki. I don't add much stuff to here, and I'm not even active that much. So, yeah, it was nice knowing you all folks. Maybe I'll come back in the near future.

    Star - you were my first 'son' and it was really nice getting you know you. We didn't spend to much 'family time' but I hope your 'father' and 'uncle' will be nice to you.

    Momo - seems like I'm the only one who is actually on friendly status with you. You're a great person and I hope everything goes well for you.

    Yash - hate me all you like, but MOVE on.

    Amanda - don't get into the same sh*t me and Yash got.

    Mitsubi - s…

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  • DraculaFan

    Good Bye Wikia

    January 28, 2013 by DraculaFan

    Well...I'll say. This is my first post and I'm saying good bye in it. xD Anyway. I'm leaving all this wiki business, and that means I'm leaving this wiki too. It was nice knowing all of ya pals, especially Yash, Ummy, Star, Momo, Amanda, Elemental, and Mitsubi. You were great friends guys! I might leave for a year or maybe for always. Maybe I'll come back later. Who knows? ;( All in all, hope you won't remember me badly, and Yash will continue his life as he should. Bye everyone!

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