Mirajane has been given the short end of the stick lately as I feel. I don't know if Mashima is planning to have her in some serious fights and just joking around but the jenny fight was really disappointing but sitri showed up, Which is to Erza's knowledge her strongest form in terms of physical strength.....and gave some of US answers to the question of where Mirajane's satan soul forms will be derived from.

Lisanna has animal takeovers. Animal soul: Rabbit - Animal Soul: Penguin

Elfman has Beast takeovers. Beast Soul: Weretiger - Beast Soul: Lizardman

Mira's was sort of difficult though since we'd only seen her base takeover form but now that we've seen Sitri we know he's going from the list of goetia demons which is really interesting.

Here's the list of them:

1.1 King Baal (bael) 1.2 Duke Agares 1.3 Prince Vassago 1.4 Marquis Samigina 1.5 President Barbas 1.6 Duke Valefor 1.7 Marquis Amon 1.8 Duke Barbatos 1.9 King Paimon 1.10 President Buer 1.11 Duke Gusion 1.12 Prince Sitri-Shown 1.13 King Beleth 1.14 Marquis Leraje 1.15 Duke Eligos 1.16 Duke Zepar 1.17 Count/President Botis 1.18 Duke Bathin 1.19 Duke Sallos 1.20 King Purson 1.21 Count/President Marax 1.22 Count/Prince Ipos 1.23 Duke Aim 1.24 Marquis Naberius 1.25 Count/President Glasya-Labolas 1.26 Duke Buné 1.27 Marquis/Count Ronové 1.28 Duke Berith 1.29 Duke Astaroth 1.30 Marquis Forneus 1.31 President Foras 1.32 King Asmodeus 1.33 Prince/President Gäap 1.34 Count Furfur 1.35 Marquis Marchosias 1.36 Prince Stolas 1.37 Marquis Phenex 1.38 Count Halphas 1.39 President Malphas 1.40 Count Räum 1.41 Duke Focalor 1.42 Duke Vepar 1.43 Marquis Sabnock 1.44 Marquis Shax 1.45 King/Count Viné 1.46 Count Bifrons 1.47 Duke Vual 1.48 President Häagenti 1.49 Duke Crocell 1.50 Knight Furcas 1.51 King Balam 1.52 Duke Alloces 1.53 President Caim 1.54 Duke/Count Murmur 1.55 Prince Orobas 1.56 Duke Gremory 1.57 President Ose 1.58 President Amy 1.59 Marquis Orias 1.60 Duke Vapula 1.61 King/President Zagan 1.62 President Valac 1.63 Marquis Andras 1.64 Duke Flauros 1.65 Marquis Andrealphus 1.66 Marquis Cimeies 1.67 King Amdusias 1.68 King Belial 1.69 Marquis Decarabia 1.70 Prince Seere 1.71 Duke Dantalion 1.72 Count Andromalius

Link to list and more about them:

Now I know we probably won't see all 72 takeovers but this is a great development for Mira and her powers. ^^

As you can see Mashima has already shown Sitri so what demons do you think he'll show next.

So we can speculate and guess which he'll use next.

SO maybe something like this.

Satan Soul: Eligos - Satan Soul: Asmodeus

those are my picks for the next ones to be shown.

Post your thoughts. ^_^

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