• DivineHalo

    We all saw the scan about the dragons festival and so now we are sure they are definitley coming through that gate.

    Also we now find out that there are demons as well that are coming.

    Though have we seen any demons besides the ones Zeref has created?....Yes.

    You see how Arcadias speaks of gods and demons? You see how he is practically called out as a demon most of all? Its practically confirmation imo. I feel they put demons up as gods that would explain that god slayer magic and why its black, Not because of Zeref but because of demons which I believe Zeref had no hand in creating but an actual race of demons much like Arcadias. Dragon slayers slay dragons. God slayers slay demons.

    This is just a theory but I'm quite sure this may be the cas…

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  • DivineHalo
    Mirajane has been given the short end of the stick lately as I feel. I don't know if Mashima is planning to have her in some serious fights and just joking around but the jenny fight was really disappointing but sitri showed up, Which is to Erza's knowledge her strongest form in terms of physical strength.....and gave some of US answers to the question of where Mirajane's satan soul forms will be derived from.

    Lisanna has animal takeovers. Animal soul: Rabbit - Animal Soul: Penguin

    Elfman has Beast takeovers. Beast Soul: Weretiger - Beast Soul: Lizardman

    Mira's was sort of difficult though since we'd only seen her base takeover form but now that we've seen Sitri we know he's going from the list of goetia demons which is really interesting.


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