Hello people and welcome to my first ever review! If you're reading this, I'm glad you're stopping by to take time to read it.
Now, I usually don't do chapter reviews, but after reading this omake chapter, I just had to do it. For the record, by the way, Fairy Tail and Parasyte are on my list of top favorite anime I've ever watched so now you know why I'm interested in this. Also, please note that I'm not a professional reviewer so, if you notice something I didn't, feel free to add it in the comments. :)
Before continuing to the review, I want to let you know:


If you haven't watched/read at least the beginning of both anime/manga, don't read any further unless you want to be spoiled. Capish? Okay. Now let's go.
So, in the town of Magnolia, Lucy wakes up to find-surprise, surprise-a mysterious creature (aka Migi) attached to her right hand. What I found rather funny with this scene is Lucy's reaction. Compared to Shinichi, who got completely terrified over Migi taking over his right hand, Lucy is just a bit too casual for me, with no real signs of fear or shock whatsoever. Cover doesn't count as I find the shock rather comical, if anything. Going on, Lucy starts to slowly introduce Migi to her, well, world, with Magic and stuff, starting from showing it her Celestial Spirit Magic to the people of Magnolia, all the while imagining how would her fellow Fairy Tail guildmates react to that, with each of them reacting differently in their own rather comic way. Now out of the guild, Migi suddenly receives a signal of some sort about its own species being in a close vicinity. Now, if you read/watched Parasyte, you know what this means: it's time for an epic battle. \(^_^)/
...but wait, it turns out to only be Happy, eating fish. However, he's acting strangely so Migi suddenly orders Lucy to run and subsequently leads her far away from Happy. Looks like I jumped to a conclusion as a parasite comes out of Happy, flying towards Lucy's location, with killing intent. As Happy is in flight, Migi extends Lucy's arm and attacks him. Luckily for the latter, he survives since Migi took out the parasite from his mouth. Now, I noticed 3 major things in this scene:

  1. No censorship on Happy's head being taken over, even though it wasn't anything specially gross, which is a good thing as it leaves an impression that I'm really reading Parasyte.
  2. If you have a good memory like me, you will notice some resemblance in the scene. It plays out almost exactly as the scene of Shinichi's and Migi's first encounter and fight against a parasite which took over a dog rather than a cat. Heck, even the location of the fight is almost the same.
  3. While in Parasyte the dog dies due to Migi taking out its heart, here Happy survives as only the parasite is taken away. Seems pretty reasonable to me as it's still Fairy Tail we're talking about so it needs to be adjusted. Happy is one of the main characters, after all, and seeing him die would be kinda silly to see in an omake and sad since I like the small cat.
Depressed Lucy and Migi

Poor Lucy..?

Moving on, Lucy is glad to see Happy alive and informs him about his parasitic take over. However, she forgets that she didn't show up to her fellow guild members to tell them about Migi, which results in Happy being terrifyingly shocked when seeing her with a parasite (Finally a normal reaction XD). This makes Lucy realize that she has turned into a parasite herself. Okay, really Lucy? Just now you figure out what's going on? -_- And for the end, Migi just starts rambling about its knowledge of Earthland. Fin.

So to sum up, I loved this chapter. It combined 2 things I love to create something amazing. It made me laugh here and there I enjoyed it overall. Really hoping more of stuff like this happens. You can only guess the rating: 10/10. Please note that this is my personal opinion.
And with nothing else to add right now, feel free let me know what you guys think and, as mentioned, point out anything I didn't, if you want. Just put your comments down below.


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