Hey people! So, after a couple of suggestions and encouragements to start making reviews, I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. Therefore, here it goes: my first canon chapter review!

Cover 450


First, the cover. I LOVE IT! Zeref looks so good in those casual clothes. Great job, Hiro. :)
Now, onto the chapter itself. So, in the Fairy Tail Guild, Rita, the wife of Yuriy Dreyar, gives a birth to a baby boy, but leaves Mavis as a Guild Master to choose a name. And after a few moments, Mavis comes up with a name: Makarov, being a name of a prince from some book. Now, in my opinion, it's pretty interesting to finally be able to see how Makarov family came to be. I was pretty intrigued by it at times, to be all honest, as there were always males shown, with no mentions of wives whatsoever. So glad to see Mashima take care of that, too. ^^
Moving on, shortly after Makarov's birth, Rita dies due to apparently using too much of her energy, but Mavis realizes it was her fault as she remembers Zeref's words about the Curse she received. Shockingly sad for what she saw, Mavis flees from the guild and Magnolia itself, isolating herself from the other people, although still causing death to those who happened to come near her during that time, as well as taking life from surrounding plants and animals as well. She also experiences extreme malnutrition, basically becoming a shadow of her former self over the period of half a year. This is obviously pretty sad (not really shocking due to the revelation in the previous chapter), seeing such a cheerful and happy person being forced to avoid people and everything that lives. : <
Back to the chapter. After quite some time, Zeref manages to find Mavis, who looks more miserable than ever. Telling the Black Wizard about her recent experiences, she wants him to kill her, but neither him or her can do such thing. The former then tells her about the creation of Etherious as well as his own country in another continent, seeing it as a some sort of enjoyment or a game for the preparation for a probable upcoming war, but still expressing his hatred and disgust towards it, turning out to unknowingly contradict himself, being another effect of his received Curse. As he then breaks in tears from being constantly rejected, Mavis stands on his side and, as Zeref is happy to know that there is someone who cares for him, the two of them kiss. Okay. O. M. G. Don't get me wrong, they're kinda cute together, but kiss? I liked them more as friends. I'm so confused right now. I mean, okay, really good to see that someone cares for Zeref, but I find it as rather a cliche that it has to immediately end up in a kiss. They are technically older than they seem, but with their current appearances it just looks so awkward to me. : /

Zeref holds an unconscious Mavis

The tragic romance

And coming closer to an end, it turns out that the core/source of all Magic is love, being able to cure and bring miracles but also sadness, as it turns out that the kiss somehow took Mavis' life away from her, regardless of the fact that she's been immortal. While this is indeed a sad moment to see for both of them (Mavis for dying, Zeref for losing probably the only person who truly loved and admired him), it certainly brings a bunch of ideas. First off, looks like love can take the immortality away from someone by only the highest level of contradiction, something which just occurred. Second, we may now know the motives of Zeref's current actions, one of which could be reviving Mavis. Third off, it would make sense why Mavis is now encased in crystal, as she probably would've just went with Zeref otherwise. And......that's pretty much all I can think of right now. ^^"
Overall, the chapter was okay to me. While Zervis fans got their noses bleeding, I just found that moment a bit cliche-ish and awkward. It actually even reminded me of Romeo and Juliet, except that Zeref doesn't kill himself afterwards. :P That being said, I liked to learn more about Makarov family, even though that wasn't really something I should've been focusing on. Also, Mavis' death did surprise me, but not in a way that I jumped off my chair or something.
And with all of that, I'll go with 7/10. Again, please note that this is my personal opinion. If you guys have any more ideas you got after reading this chapter or if you just want to leave some feedback on the chapter and/or review, leave it all in the comments below. Rai, Raven, I hope you don't mind. XP


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