Ey people. You may or may not know me, but I'm DM, and I'm here to bring you my view on the latest chapter, as writing reviews is something I'm trying to get back to. So, with no more sugarcoating, let's go!

Mavis frozen by Invel

Intruder detected >_>

Anyway, first we have the ZerVis moment I've been waiting for. The two cursed ones share a moment to talk after almost an entire century. Mavis prepares for her plan we've waited to see what it might be.....but WAIT! Invel arrives and freezes her solid....Pretty much everyone disagreed with me on this, but I hated his interference. I waited for this moment for, like, 2 weeks, and he just comes to cancel that. Well, at the very least I'm willing to acknowledge that he confirmed that he uses Ice good for him, I guess.

Zeref is actually a sweetie, though, and orders Invel to free Mavis, assuring him Mavis wouldn't activate such power of Fairy Heart....the suspense is killing me. Anyway, Invel obliges, buuuut decides instead of restraining her physically, he restrains her mentally, i.e. disables her to make any rational decisions, which sorta manifest itself in form of perv-attracting collar. I see some people are wondering about what this Magic actually is, but maybe, just maybe, it's possible he froze a part of her brain, as to make it fitting for his usage of Ice Magic.

Army of the Alvarez Empire

Dayum. That's one hell of an army right there!! :o

Back to the main story, Zeref actually settles with restraining Mavis like that (and I'm starting to get some weird ideas....), and quite literally brings her to show her his omg huge army. To "surprise" us all even more, it turns out all the Spriggan 12 are alive in some way; Ajeel, Jacob and Neinhart have survived, and the latter thus somewhat brought back remaining 3 who were supposed to be dead, i.e. God Serena, Bradman and Wahl. Mavis just comments on immense power, and Dimaria actually goes and apologizes to Brandish for basically being a bitch, which is something I didn't really expect from someone as arrogant as her. Not that I hated it, just found it odd in a good way, I'd say. Anyway, the Twelve do some more chatting and talking, while what stood out is that it appears that Irene is also capable of removing and attaching Magic to people/objects. So, in other words, Mavis is screwed, which saddens me to see that, but okay I guess. At least she's not dead.

Spriggan 12 reunited

And now I provide you with an image everyone apparently seems to like ,-,

And then that (in)famous panel showing all the Spriggan 12. I personally didn't like it. Just seem like a bunch of show-offs. I mean, I know they are, but jeeez, do you have to point that out? What is it, a National Pose Day for Alvarez or something? .-.

Aand lastly, we see Erza standing up and commenting on the current state of their guild. I saw some people pissed about her sudden recovery, but, as Rai pointed that out yesterday, it isn't the first time so yeah, that makes sense to it. Anyhow, She lets her sleepy comrades know about a great fight to come, as that dawn could as well be their last one. However, as hopeful as ever, Natsu encourages his pals, assuring them it's far from over for them.

Well, Natsu, I hope you're right, because the odds are currently against you, I'm afraid. An appropriate time for Gildarts to arrive, but, as something I was reminded of yesterday, we shouldn't take Acnologia out of consideration either. He could contribute quite a lot, if not completely to the fall of many when this final battle takes place. So yeah, I'm partially interested to see how this all will play out in (hopefully) next chapter.

To wrap up, I'd say this chapter didn't leave too much impact on me. Some annoyed me, some didn't surprise by their sudden appearance, while some did a bit, said as shortly as possible. As the final rating, I'd give it a solid 6/10. As always, this is only my personal opinion, so please respect it. Thank you. However, even though I probably do get the idea what most of you guys thought about it, this time I'm curious what you guys really thought of this chapter, so I made a small poll here for you to quickly fill in.

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