Hey fellas! Time for another chapter review of mine. I hope you guys enjoy and, as always, I want to thank you for taking your time because I truly appreciate it. ^^
So at the beginning, it turns out that Marin wasn't killed, but rather turned to a size of an ant by Brandish. Now I know I already said this, but I knew Marin wasn't dead. I was doubting that Brandy killed him right from the start. I mean, yeah, He's a complete pain-in-the-ass character, but the woman killing him all of the sudden just couldn't pass me. ;)

Marin Compliments Brandish's Legs

Brandy, being her cool self. ^^

Okay, so with that out of the way, let's move on. Brandish orders Marin to polish her toenails, but Dimaria arrives immediately after to inform "Randy" about the upcoming meeting as well as scold her for letting Fairy Tail team escape. As she also tells her to return Marin back to normal due to needing him, Brandish is just expressionless with all of that, finding it to be rather a pain, if anything. And as Dimaria leaves, Brandy lifts Marin with her foot, clearly expressing her dislike towards her comrade. There ain't much to say about this scene except that I find Brandish to be a total badass. Like, just doesn't give it about anything, regardless whether we're talking about her allies or enemies. I just like that neutral personality she displays. ;P Also, a funny nickname she received from Dimaria. Randy. XP

Natsu's secret weapon

Why you make my life so difficult, Natsu? :(

Moving on. As Natsu reveals his secret technique (from the last chapter), everyone wonders what could it do, but the former refuses to say anything, as it can be used once and is apparently powerful enough to defeat Zeref. And everyone starts to believe him, even Mavis. Afterwards, Lucy wonders what they're going up against, with Makarov eventually saying that he only met six of the Spriggan Twelwe. Now, all I can say about this part is that I'm really looking forward to seeing this new technique of Natsu's in action, claimed to be enough to defeat Zeref so I can only guess how powerful/effective that stuff is since the Black Wizard is immortal, let's not forget. :)

Spriggan Twelve meeting

Mages of the Round Table. XD

Anyway, back to the chapter, shall we? So, the meeting between Zeref/Spriggan and Sprigan Twelve takes place, but 5 of them are missing because reasons. Regarding Makarov's description of each of them, I'll just describe briefly and/or put my opinion on every one of them:

  • Invel - Ice Mage, respective towards his emperor - I like his personality, really. Suits me. :P
  • Ajeel - Sand Mage, relaxed and thirsty for battle - Meh. Kind of annoying to some degree. -.-
  • Brandish - Already seen her in action, but I like her title as "Nation Demolisher". Explained the rest about her already. ^^
  • Dimaria - "War Maiden". Interesting. Also, she is assumed to be like Erza, so really wanna see how it will all play out if that's true. ^o^
  • God Serena - We already know about his former position in Ishgar. Regarding his personality, acting so spectacular and such, I really didn't expect that. A rather funny one of the group. XD
  • August - Seeing Makarov's reaction upon mentioning him, the guy must be pretty damn powerful, as the former additionally stated that August's manipulation in Magic probably even surpasses Zeref himself. Like, wow, really interested to see his abilities in action. :O

The other ones Makarov mentions are the ones we've not seen or heard about before, and those are Neinhart, Bloodman and Warhu Ihyto. Got nothing to say here, really. :P
Back to the story, Zeref states that Fairy Heart isn't all he desires, as he wants destruction of the mankind, too. With everyone agreeing to his plan, Ajeel asks to attack alone, but this idea is clearly disapproved by Zeref, who rather wants an all-out attack during the Dragon King Festival. At the same time, Mavis desires the same, believing that courage and bonds between the members are invaluable. Concurrently, Acnologia is prepared as well, turning into his dragon form, with his motive being to bring back his title he thinks he deserves. Aand fin.
First, a part of me thinks that Zeref doesn't want to end the mankind. I just can't think of him doing that, maybe because he just seems to put it? Nice, caring??? I really don't know the exact word here, but I think there must be an ulterior motive in his plans. Regarding Ajeel, though, can that guy just shut up and show some respect? He does remind me of Natsu in some way, except that this guy is so arrogant about himself, but whatever. Either way, it was good to see Acnologia again, though I think he'll obviously be slighly weaker without his one arm. And now that all the sides are ready, an ultimate battle seems to be approaching and I really can't wait. Mashima, don't disappoint us. ^0^
Rating time! This chapter was good and I enjoyed it. A small problem for me would be that nothing really special occurred here. Just preparations and stuff, but I dunno. Long story short, it was good, but definitely not the best. With that in mind, I'll go and rate this with 7/10.
As always, all above is my personal opinion and I really hope you respect it. But if you have anything to add and say, definitely feel free to comment down below. I appreciate any opinion/though given, except for the trolls, of course. :)


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