Ave! You probably don't know me, but I'm DM, the obviously inconspicuous one. So first, I'm well aware that I didn't make any reviews for a LONG period of time, but, in my defence, I've been basically busy as fuck, to be honest. You still got nice reviews from others here anyway XP Aanyway, since I'm motivated and got some free time, I'm here to provide my look on this chapter for you guys. So yeah, let's staht!

SPOILER ALERT!!! in case it isn't obvious

First, for all the 20ish chapters I didn't make a review for, I liked the progress of the series so far. True, it had some downfalls and ludicracies, but overall pretty enjoyable, especially with what happened in this one.

So first we see Lucy and Happy tending to Natsu, while Happy in his thoughts intends not to lose his friend. Okay, so this has to have some remarks about the previous chapters. I didn't like the idea of Natsu getting a tumor. That's just too dark for me. Also, Happy stopping Natsu from killing Zeref did receive some negative feedback thereabout, from what I recall. However, I actually liked that for 2 main reasons; I don't want Natsu to die and I definitely don't want Zeref to die because he's my fave.

Let us move on! Up next we get Warren reporting the status of Mages in the battlefield. We all know how it is already so I won't turn this into a complete summary, buut what a bit stands out here is Mavis' obvious reaction to Warrod's fall. Hoping he didn't die is all I can say for this.

Gray, Lyon and Juvia are then liberating Hargeon. Juvia gets about to get hit, but she is saved by who? Nobody but Meredy, marking the return of Crime Sorcière. I didn't really get excited or overly happy for this, because I honestly forgot they existed .-.

Jellal defeats Neinhart's soldiers

Makes fangirls blush and flush

Meanwhile, Erza and Kagura are rushing to their destination, but are interrupted by Four Heraldry Knights of the Neinhart Squad. Girls get rid of the two quickly, but once the other two attack them from above, they get saved by- you guessed it- Jellal himself, with Kagura starting to shiver before him. This one was actually goodish to me. It's nice to see Jellal back, even though, again, I forgot about Crime Sorcière. Also, in case you didn't know, I used to like Siegrain more, know. So yeah, I ended up liking a Thought Projection. I liked Kagura here as well, and am interested to see how she and Jellal will get along now, because it clearly doesn't look like they settled some things between them. :P

Ultear returns

Back to kick some ass! You go, gurl! :D

Moving on, Wendy, Sherria and Carla are facing off the mighty DiMaria, who turns out to be employing Time-Sealing Magic, and uses it, freezing in time everyone in her relative vicinity. As she remarks about what she does, she eventually takes out her sword and gets about to deal a lethal blow on Wendy, choosing her as the first victim. However, Wendy, and the others, somehow become mobile again and the former evades the attack, whereafter she and Sherria attack and knock down the Shield of Spriggan. The reason behind canceling DiMaria's Magic, though, turns out to be- one and only, another one of all-time faves- Ultear, arriving in her chronologically-correct form, ready to kick ass! As I already remarked, and mentioned at very beginning, this is my favorite scene in all the chapter. Ultear's return is something I definitely didn't expect, and seeing her even in her normal body makes it even better. ^o^

In the end, I'd give this chapter a solid 7/10. I wasn't much excited for this one, but the return of some characters made a better experience. As always, this is my personal opinion so please respect it. If you have anything to add, comment and such, well, comment right down below. I'd appreciate it! :)


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