Hello people and welcome to my chapter review! Thank you for taking your time to read this. I certainly appreciate it. ;)

Zeref carries Mavis

Zeref, a bastard or a genius?

Now let's go. So in the beginning, Zeref bring Mavis back to the guild, shocking Precht, who was named the Guild Master during Mavis' absence. Now, what bothered some people with this part is Zeref's treatment of Mavis' dead body, dropping her on the ground seemingly like a cold bastard. However, remember Zeref's words about the Contradictory Curse: the more one cares about others' lives, the more lives will be taken away. Thus, Zeref expressed no concern initially but then started crying when he arrived at he safe distance from the Fairy Tail Guild he departed from. This is just my theory/opinion, though, but it seems like the most logical explanation there is. :7
Moving on. Precht finds out that Zeref's been in his presence and, seeing Mavis dead, he immediately rushes in Fairy Tail's underground chamber to do anything he can to bring her back, from the revival Lacrima to various resurrection spells. Being completely unsuccessful in all of his plans, he then eventually finds about Mavis' Curse and, thus, the cause of Rita's untimely death, but decides to keep all of that a secret, keeping Mavis in the underground chamber all along. After a couple of years, Precht tells everyone about Mavis' death, but claims her grave to be in Tenrou Island, the same location she's from. Also, during Mavis' animation between life and death, an incredible Magic was created, aka Fairy Heart. So, I liked this part and for a couple of reasons:

  1. We now know how Mavis got encased inside of a Lacrima and why was Tenrou Island claimed to be her grave. So +1 to the backstory. ^^
  2. Precht and his remarkable intellect. He ain't so bad, after all. If anything, he's a really good guy. :P (at least before Tenrou Island arc XP)
  3. Fairy Heart. Seeing Hades' expression, it must be a big deal. :O

And, referring to the latter argument, I'm correct as Fairy Heart (or Eternity Magic) is essentially as powerful as Etherion, except that this one has an unlimited source of Magic Power. Yeah, that's right. UNLIMITED! Boi, now I wanna see it in action. x<

Natsu intends to take on Zeref

You go, Natsu! :D

Anyway, everyone in the Fairy Tail Guild gets shocked to hear this and it turns out that the reason for why Zeref wants Fairy Heart is to use it against Acnologia. Upon hearing this, everyone stands up for her, but the latter rather blames herself for causing all of this. However, the Mages comfort her and basically thank her for being responsible in creating a great guild. Mavis cries of joy to hear that, but then Thunder God Tribe wonders about Zeref as he is immortal, but Natsu tells them not to worry, revealing that he's been developing a certain secret technique against the Black Wizard. Okay, some, if not most people here got pissed by this because Natsu destroys everything he touches and, thus, could lead to a disappointment in the final showdown, but I dunno, I'm kind of really interested in what to see. Maybe something like Fire Dragon King's Demolition Fist? (Remember Avatar arc? ;))
But either way, I think Hiro won't disappoint us. I can tell one thing, and that is that all the battles won with friendship boost (Nakama Power or whatever, blah blah) could be interpreted as a rush towards the final battle, as Mashima likely wasn't much interested in prolonging every battle in 3 chapters maybe? I don't know. Just a thought that came to me at this time.
Now, before I go rate the chapter and such, I wanna apologize for being late in writing this review. I got lazy, I admit. Cry

With that out of the way, I'll go ahead with 9/10. The backstory explaining the current events is what I liked the most here, but there's something about it that doesn't make it 10 for me, but I don't really know what could that be. (cognitive processes during the night. >_>)
As always, this is my personal opinion. And if you guys have anything to say, either about what I said here or anything in particular I forgot to mention/add or anything, really, feel free to comment down below. Now off to sleep. X)


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