Hey people! It's DM, and he's back to bring you another chapter review after a long period of inactivity. Same things apply here; SPOILERS most notably so I've warned ya! :P

Ultear explains her reappearance


So first we have Ultear explaining her unexpected return. From what I understood, she is only able to appear/exist in any frozen passage of time. She also explains to the girls that DiMaria's Magic is that of stopping time in an area. Okay, so I liked this explanation, actually. It requires some thinking (at least to me XD), but, in the end, I find it far better than something like; Oh! I just used a spell I found and barely used it at the last bit of time to survive or something....cuz that would be ridiculous. In short, good job, Mashima! :D



Moving on! DiMaria gets pissed and charges at Ultear, but she turns out to attack a Thought Projection. This give Sherria and Wendy a chance to attack, but it doesn't even harm her. In fact, she pulls out the big guns and uncovers her true power. Namely, she turns out to be utilising Take Over, specifically God Soul. Aaand she turns into Chronos, i.e. The Goddess of Time. There are lots of things I have to say about this, but I'll try to make this as short as possible. First, the form reminds me of Eclipse least some reference from there XD Second, I like how it's the Goddess of Time that fits DiMaria's concept of control time perfectly, to be honest. And last but not least, while not really remarkable, just hearing the title Goddess of Time reminds me of Majora's Mask almost instantly. And yes, you should play it to see what I mean! XP

In medias res! So Chronos destroys some part of the land, as expected, and brings up Mildian as the Capital of Time itself, as well as its people from whom DiMaria descends. This is pretty interesting. Mildian was already mentioned (for those of you who don't remember, in Memoirs), and now it seems to grow in importance to the story. Pretty cool, really! :D

Aand the last part is a bit of a downfall for me, and I suspect for most as well. Basically, Chronos shots a beam at Wendy, but ends up hitting Carla instead, dealing a lethal blow. As the Sky Sisters fall in tears, Ultear, as she doesn't have much time in her hands, helps them (and possibly gives a chance to triumph) by doing what again? Opening a Third Origin.....okay...okay. This just sounds like a lack of inspiration and originality. I mean, c'mon, we were already introduced to the Second Origin and left pretty damn sure that it's the last one that can be "opened". And now this? You can do better, Mashima. I mean, should they then just open the Fourth Origin if the Third One fails on them? .-.

Wendy watches Carla's sacrifice


Also, guys don't kill me, but I hope Carla doesn't die here. Yes, I know most, if not almost all people hate her because she can be bitchy and bossy, but Iunno. I like Exceeds, in fact. They're too cute to hate! :> ...*hopes he doesn't get thrown a chair at because he also likes Happy*

Final remarks? I loved the chapter for the most part, buut ludicracy ruined it a bit in the end. So with that, I'm giving it 8/10. This is my personal opinion. I'm respecting yours, you respect mine in return. Not asking much, am I? ;)

What did you guys think about this, though? Definitely let me know in the comment section down below. I'll share my chocolate chip cookies with you! ^^


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