Oi guys! How's it going?....Guess what? Time for another chapter review of mine. A bit late, yeah, but being busy with other stuff comes with consequences. Anyway, as always, thank you for stopping by. Very much appreciated. ^^

First off, I loved the cover. Happy riding a quadricycle. I sometimes just find that blue cat to be cute, but my opinion. ^v^

Lucy not amused with Natsu and Happy yet again

Classic :'D

Now onto the actual chapter itself. It starts with Lucy wondering about Fairy Heart and its incredible powers, eventually expressing her complete desire to protect Fairy Tail's First Guild Master due to Mavis' importance to it to begin with. As she is writing all her experiences down on a paper, Natsu and Happy break into her house, causing her usual comical reaction towards such thing. This surely bring back memories, don't you think? :D
Anyway, Natsu and Happy want to play games with Lucy after they tell her that everyone in Magnolia evacuated, but the latter doesn't feel like it at all due to the upcoming battle ahead of them. As Lucy then states that, unlike them, doesn't find joy in a battle, but Natsu responds by saying that he only finds thrill in battles that test his strength, unlike the ones to death. Stating that he'll do whatever it takes in order to win and such, Lucy interrupts him, calling such act a death flag. Natsu, however, reminds her that Igneel said that they should speak of their future since that's what their lives will become, something which Lucy clearly approves. I found this scene something between nice and okay lol. I mean, yeah, he's speaking the truth and that's good, but I kind of found it repetitive. : /

Erza compliments Wendy

Erza so nice (^o^)/

Moving on. Elsewhere, Wendy, Carla and Erza are having a bath, with the latter reminiscing the former joining Fairy Tail, taking responsibility as she was the one who invited her to join. As Erza then expresses her desire to protect the two, Wendy hugs her, saying that she'll be the one to protect her this time. Happy to see that Wendy grew into a great Mage, Erza hugs her as well. I liked this part, that's all I can say about it. It's lovely to see how close friends Erza and Wendy became and Wendy's act was just so adorable, in my opinion. ^c^
Now onto one of my favorite parts here, Juvia and Gray moment. As the two are watching the town from a bridge, Gray expresses his gratitude towards Juvia for looking after him all this time, subsequently promising her to give her a definite answer regarding their relationship after the battle is over, causing Juvia to blush, of course. Afterwards, Gray reveals that Natsu isn't the only one with hidden powers. Okay, I'm not much of a shipper, but I found this scene so cute. I mean, Gray is taking his relationship seriously and is being honest to Juvia and I just love it. Now hoping that none of the two dies because that would be kind of sad. Regarding Gray's powers, yep, I'd really like to see them, as I think most people would. ;P

Warren reports to Makarov

Meanwhile, in the guild...

Let us move on. As Mavis arrives at the guild, having been flying around Magnolia to check on the members. At the same time, Max is checking his radar for possible invasion attempts, finding nothing at first. Mavis and Makarov then converse about the guild members' state, with the latter basically telling that it's a parent's duty to stand for their children. As the First agrees to such idea, everyone in Magnolia suddenly feels a strong wind, wondering what caused it. Warren then suddenly receives a large amount of signals on his radar as it turns out that the empire is attacking with the use of airship fleets. Everyone being shocked/terrified, Mavis tells the members to prepare themselves for the battle. Meanwhile, Ajeel announces the start of the mentioned battle. Okay, just got few things to say. First, Makarov's speech about parents and children felt kind of repetitive to me, but it was okay. Second, yeah, I'm pretty sure Levy and Gajeel just did that. Lastly, as much as I'm excited for the final battle, I feel it's pretty rushed. I mean, I like the suspense this chapter initially had and I wanted to see more members converse with each other before going for an all-in battle. It was done very well, in my opinion, but it was all crushed towards the end for me. However, for all we know right now, this could be just Ajeel refusing to listen to Zeref's orders and go alone before the actual battle starts. He was pretty clear with that intention in the last chapter so that's a question that awaits an answer for me in the next chapter. ;P

So, with everything being said, I'll go with 7/10. Already provided the reason why. It's my personal opinion so please respect it. :)
Again, sorry for the lateness and, as always, if you guys have anything to add or say in general, feel free to comment down below.


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