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    Hoe hoe hoe, hoes! Guess what? It is time for a small pre-Christmas Special. Me and our good man Dex came up with the idea of making a couple of polls to see your opinions and thoughts during this season of the year. So, without any further ado, let us begin!

    A very basic question here, but...

    ...we ain’t done just yet. We actually have a small pre-Christmas present of ours, to cheer y’all up a bit. So, have a look at the following. Shan't regret it, promise you that! :D

    And that being said, we hope you enjoy the rest of this year and after it. And as always, leave us a comment if there’s something you wish to add. ;)

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    Ey people. You may or may not know me, but I'm DM, and I'm here to bring you my view on the latest chapter, as writing reviews is something I'm trying to get back to. So, with no more sugarcoating, let's go!

    Anyway, first we have the ZerVis moment I've been waiting for. The two cursed ones share a moment to talk after almost an entire century. Mavis prepares for her plan we've waited to see what it might be.....but WAIT! Invel arrives and freezes her solid....Pretty much everyone disagreed with me on this, but I hated his interference. I waited for this moment for, like, 2 weeks, and he just comes to cancel that. Well, at the very least I'm willing to acknowledge that he confirmed that he uses Ice good for him, I guess.

    Zeref is …

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    Poll Bonanza!!

    April 1, 2016 by Dispelling Mage

    Ey people, Mage here. So recently I've been thinking on how to make something creatively, and, after careful thinking during the period of one and a half day, I came up with this idea.

    The blog consists of multiple polls, but proceeding to the further ones depends on your choices. The options I put are definitely generalized, so commenting is definitely recommended, both to see what I missed or as to why you chose what you chose. Would be also pretty interesting to read different opinions, heehee XD

    Aanyway, without any further addo, time to see what you people think. Have fun! :)

    All right guys, here comes the first one!

    Gray Fullbuster. He's cool, both literally and personality-wise. And although he doesn't utilise a lot types of Magic, he c…

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    Hey people! It's DM, and he's back to bring you another chapter review after a long period of inactivity. Same things apply here; SPOILERS most notably so I've warned ya! :P

    So first we have Ultear explaining her unexpected return. From what I understood, she is only able to appear/exist in any frozen passage of time. She also explains to the girls that DiMaria's Magic is that of stopping time in an area. Okay, so I liked this explanation, actually. It requires some thinking (at least to me XD), but, in the end, I find it far better than something like; Oh! I just used a spell I found and barely used it at the last bit of time to survive or something....cuz that would be ridiculous. In short, good job, Mashima! :D

    Moving on! DiMaria gets piss…

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    Ave! You probably don't know me, but I'm DM, the obviously inconspicuous one. So first, I'm well aware that I didn't make any reviews for a LONG period of time, but, in my defence, I've been basically busy as fuck, to be honest. You still got nice reviews from others here anyway XP Aanyway, since I'm motivated and got some free time, I'm here to provide my look on this chapter for you guys. So yeah, let's staht!

    SPOILER ALERT!!! in case it isn't obvious

    First, for all the 20ish chapters I didn't make a review for, I liked the progress of the series so far. True, it had some downfalls and ludicracies, but overall pretty enjoyable, especially with what happened in this one.

    So first we see Lucy and Happy tending to Natsu, while Happy in his thoughts…

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