So after reading Chapter 366 and then rereading it again I noticed something, which I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned.

As soon as Natsu, so much as breathed, Gray's name in front of Tartarus' resident Devil Slayer, he was frozen solid. Pretty sure a lot of people rejoiced at the sight of a slightly chilled Fire Dragon Slayer. Add in Silver's immediate response; "Don't you dare utter that filthy name." and it becomes apparent that Silver isn't necessarily a fan of Gray.

For this blog we'll leave the possible relationship theories between Absolute Zero and the Snowflake.

Now if Silver's reaction to the mere mention of Gray's name is to freeze the poor sod who uttered it, what on Earth is his reaction going to be when he meets say; Lyon, or more frighteningly (and the whole point of this blog) Juvia?

I'm curious as to what your thoughts on the matter, leave a comment down bellow and let the discussions flow.

This is Derax-Pagani, signing off.

P.S. If there's anything else that you think you've noticed and no one else seems to have pointed out; please leave that in the replies too. Unless it has anything to do with the torture seen; really bored of the arguments 365 and 366 have caused regarding it...

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