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What's up everyone, Dex here to bring you all mainly the denizens of chat a proposal for all the wiki members to, fingers crossed, enjoy.

The Background

Earlier in chat, DM, Lumin, Fi, and one of our newest members, Lost, discussed the idea for a game to play in chat if there was a fuck tonne of us and nothing going on there. Some of you may have heard of the party game Mafia, a game that requires a deck of cards, a narrator, and a lot of accusations.

The Game

For those of you that don't know, Mafia is effectively a team game of murderer vs. innocents, where if there's enough there's two murderers, a narrator and everyone else playing as the innocents. The aim of the game for the innocents is to find out who the murderer(s) are and lynch them before the murderers kill enough people so that they can't be executed.

Within the innocent's team are a detective and a doctor. The detective's aim is to ID the murderer(s) (one at a time if there's 2) and convince (emphasis on convince) the other innocents who is or isn't the murderer. The doctor's job is to save the murderer's victim, (or themselves, selfish bastards...).

Normally all roles are assigned using a deck of cards, Ace through to 10 are the regular innocents, Jack is the detective, Queen the doctor, and King the murderer. Obviously there's a slight flaw in this method for chat, a couple of thousand miles so to resolve this issue, the narrator shall use a random number generator (to be decided) and assign the positions within PM so anonymity is sustained. People may not argue if they get a shitty position >:/

As well as this, the three main players; detective, doc and murder do not reveal that they are one of the three. Multiple murderers are discussed bellow.

Night Time, Day Time

There are two stages in a round; night and day. At night, the detective will be asked by the narrator who they think the murderer is, to which the narrator may only reply yes, or no to the accusation. The doctor will also be asked who they want to save from the murderer, which may be anyone, including themselves as you may have guessed. Finally, the murderer(s) will be asked who they want killed.

From here there may need to be a bit of discussion with everyone regarding two murderers. As Fi and I discussed, there is more than one way to go around this, what shall be dubbed the Singapore way, and the Welsh way. The Singapore way means that neither murderer know who the other is and as such one can kill the other by accident/or on purpose. This way means that there is more likely to be two victims in a round. \( ._.)/ The Welsh way, the murderers are aware of who the other is and subsequently must agree on who their only victim will be.

After all three key players have fulfilled their night roles the round moves into the day round where the victim is announced by the narrator, preferably with a graphic description of the murder, to which the survivors will then 'discuss' who they think the murderer(s) is.

Should the doc successfully save a/the victim, the narrator shall only say that the victim was saved and shall not reveal their identity. (It's advised that the doc doesn't reveal who they saved)


After the situation regarding the victim and the subsequent discussion is settled, a vote is then cast as to who shall be lynched. The player with the highest number of votes is then subsequently hanged, sorry, no interesting death scenes here to which they reveal what they were to all the players.

Once a player is dead, they may not influence any of the decisions occurring within the game either in main chat or PM, however, because of how the Welsh way works in real life, they may pm the Narrator asking who the three main players are.

In order for the innocents/villagers to win, they must successfully hang the murderer(s). For the murderer(s) to win they must kill directly and indirectly (via lynching) all other players until a democratic vote can no longer be carried out i.e. only one innocent/villager and one murder remain.

For the Welsh way if both murderers are still alive then they win when there is only themselves and two innocents/villagers remaining.


So there you have it everyone, Mafia, hopefully coming to a chat near you soon. For the time being it should probably be discussed whether we should play by Singapore or Welsh rules as standard first. Once this has been decided volunteer regulars, or anyone else interested who doesn't normally visit chat, should make themselves known so that we can test the game to see if it works out properly ^_^" Once it's been worked out and any kinks fixed I shall let you know from this blog when games are happening if enough people are interested.

So with that, I'mma get outta here and see how everyone responds to this. If anyone's got any questions, ask away and if I get enough of the same one's then I'll put an FAQ in here.


Also, there shall be a Hall of Fame, much like the Chat of Shame, for the most successful of murderers and the best discussions and deaths.


For more details regarding the origins of the game, as well as other rules that I really don't get, check out this link to its wikipedia page [[1]] As well as this, consider Mafia to be a quicker version of God's Hunger Games, only less based off of random number generators.

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