Boa Tarde hoes, because it's a public holiday in Japan this coming week, we get an early chapter. Yaaaaay! Hopefully I don't drag this review out too much like the last one... ^_^"

Cover Page

Cover 494

Moe enough for you?

Chapter cover is of Mavis looking somewhat unamused, almost Carla-esque as she's walking down Magnolia in an almost Race Queen type dress, which apparently ends 10cm above the knees... Right. Much like last chapter; it's cute, nothing much more to comment on.

The Reunion only Ankhseram Didn't Want

So the chapter starts off with Zeref reminiscing about how it was a century ago since he and Mavis last met before she decides to be totally pedantic about it. Seriously, even this situation Mavis? Sort your priorities out!

And outta nowhere Invel just up and freezes her. Invel! Fuck off! We wanted to know what her plan was before you just up and decided to freeze her tits off! The dress isn't even real man DX Wait, what's this? Zeref ordering him to undo it. Say what? Careful Your Majesty, don't show too much compassion there, lest you accidentally kill all the 12 by accident.

Hmm, turns out they each have to settle for Mavis having what may as well be a mind control collar. I can see the smut fanfics already... Should be up your street, eh Tristan? Mind, is it really a good idea to distress Mavis like that? Doesn't she also possess the Curse of Contradiction? She's still got her illusory dress on, so it's not magic sealing stone.

Moving on, Zeref shows Mavis Invel's handy work off; welcome to the peak of Mt. Fairy Tail. Or Mt. Atlas Flame... they look fairly similar. And oh shit; the Black Carpet's at the bottom of the mountain. Good luck dealing with that again Natsu.

The Reunion No One Expected

Spriggan 12 reunited

Now that, is awesome!

RIP Fairy Tail. Jacob and Ajeel are both fairly pissed. Understandably so, with how laughable their fights were, Ajeel's slightly less so in my opinion, but the point still stands. Dimaria's rocking a new skin tight outfit. I approve. Still prefer Brandy, but I approve nonetheless. Also, RIP Sherria's magic. Your sacrifice was almost totally in vein.

Wait. What? Dimaria's actually concerned about what happened to Brandy?! What trickery is this? D: Gotta say, I like the differences between Brandy and Mari's treatment and subsequent reactions. Brandy's now completely unsure about the whole validity of the war, whereas Mari just want's to rip everyone in Fiore limb from limb. How the hell she's going to be stopped now, without help from Ultear or even one of the 12 *cough* Bae *cough* I do not know. Looks like you're up Orga! ( ._.)/

Oh who am I kidding; this I'll almost guarantee will be a one way trip to disappointment-ville. Population: Almost all the FT-fandom.

Eh what else? Cool dynamic between August, Larcade and Invel. Not much else to add to it.

Oh for God's sake, not this crap again... We get it Mashima. August, Irene and now apparently Larcade are stupidly powerful, stop setting them all up for a colossal fall!

And now for something interesting: Neinhart's not dead. Way to go on that final sin Jellal... But, Bradman, Wahl and God Serena are! Huzzah! And because of Historia of the Dead, we get to see the last four of God Serena's magic. Plus, should the Fiore forces kill Neinhart; that's a third of the 12 gone. Everyone that fought Zero, Hades and Mard Geer; stay the fuck away from him too!





Fucking WHY?!

Why is Erza up and walking around for crying out fucking loud? I don't even care about Natsu and Erza's philosophical moment. The fact that Erza's up and walking around again, in my view, is totally unreal. Urgh.

'Totally ignores this bit of the chapter.' Shite bollocks. Bollocks shite.


Transition chapter. FT and Fiore are dun' screwed now. Erza's back up and running again for God's sake. And not much else to say. Fairly alright chapter, not much more to say to be honest.

Anyway, leave a comment, have a blast, be a hoe, whatever! But make sure to have a good day too. ;)

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