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  • Derax-Pagani

    Chapter 502 Review

    September 17, 2016 by Derax-Pagani

    S'up. Lazy Dex is lazy.

    1. Brandy's alive,
    2. Lucy's tied up,
    3. Dimaria's sinister af,
    4. GaLe's reunited,
    5. Droy nearly died,
    6. Mavis used some brains,
    7. and Natsu's losing his head next week.

    • Mavis cut Mest off before he could confess either:

    a) that he was a bitch ass and should be kicked out the guild as he nearly got Mira, Lucy, and Natsu killed because he was such a bitch ass, or
    b) that he's into lolis and was going to confess.


    Proper review will be done tomorrow when I'm awake/with it.

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  • Derax-Pagani

    Cześć whores! As promised, we shall continue where we left off yesterday. Discussing the Shield's - currently wasted - potential. So let's just get stuck right into it.

    Before we kick off, as August, Irene and Larcade haven't really done too much in the grand scheme of things, we'll be leaving them for the time being.

    The Desert King is actually the easiest one of the remaining nine Spriggans to discuss in my view, as there wasn't really much wrong with him to be honest. The main criticism for him is; what does he do within the Empire?

    There was little issue with the fight itself as it was a display of Invel's calculating nature, something we have not many chances to see sadly, nor was there too much issue with the immediate conclusion of the…

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  • Derax-Pagani

    Bonjour mes petites salopes! Seeing as how yesterday I finished my MSc - I'm still in analytical/academic mode for those of you that don't work it out by the end of this - and the title of Monday's chapter hinting at much Brandish, I thought let's have a pseudo celebration by exploring the potential of the current arc's main villains.

    But before we get started, a big thank you to those of you that participated in my survey in early July! Your insights and perceptions of scanlators turned out to be invaluable, so thank's again!

    Now this might seem axiomatic, seeing as how the Alvarez arc has been going on since Chapter 438, we've known pretty much since the get-go who and what the 12 are. But bare with me on this.

    The Spriggan 12 are described …

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  • Derax-Pagani

    Boa Tarde hoes, because it's a public holiday in Japan this coming week, we get an early chapter. Yaaaaay! Hopefully I don't drag this review out too much like the last one... ^_^"

    Chapter cover is of Mavis looking somewhat unamused, almost Carla-esque as she's walking down Magnolia in an almost Race Queen type dress, which apparently ends 10cm above the knees... Right. Much like last chapter; it's cute, nothing much more to comment on.

    So the chapter starts off with Zeref reminiscing about how it was a century ago since he and Mavis last met before she decides to be totally pedantic about it. Seriously, even this situation Mavis? Sort your priorities out!

    And outta nowhere Invel just up and freezes her. Invel! Fuck off! We wanted to know wha…

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  • Derax-Pagani

    Привет hoes, I felt like making a review for whatever reason so here we go. Actually, before I do, we need to sit down and have a chat about a very important topic; spoilers. It seems as though some fuckwits are either unaware of, don't know about, or simply don't care about the wiki's Spoiler Policy. It is there for a reason, so if - like me - you enjoy a good spoiler and want to discuss it; you go and post it here. You don't go updating character pages or chapter summaries, and you certainly don't go posting it on an open blog, you cretins. ( =_=)

    Anyway, bollocking over, now for the meat and batter of the blog.

    So on the cover we get a bit of maid fetish fan service with Juvia looking cute, if a little clingy, Virgo being the masochist t… Read more >

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