If you are Hiro Mashima, how would you end the S-Class Trial arc and what arc would follow it? If I am being asked these questions, here are my answers:

  1. With Hades about to defeat or kill the Fairy Tail members, Zeref arrives and gets angry at Hades for trying to kill Natsu, the only person who should be able to kill him. He angrily charges at Hades and begins to battle. After this, only two scenarios form in my head: Either Zeref defeats and kills Hades with his killing magic or is overpowered and captured by Hades who leaves. I'm leaning more on the latter one since it would allow us to see the two "Main Villains" (for me, anyway) on another arc.
  2. After the S-Class Trial arc, I believe that the next arc would be the Magic Council arc since Guran Doma, the Chairman, swore that he would force Fairy Tail to disband if another incident linking the guild arises. Here are things that I would expect if my prediction turns out to be right:
  • The Fairy Tail members become fugitives since they refuse to be disbanded.
  • Jellal is freed by Team Natsu and joins Fairy Tail.
  • Doranbolt defects from the Magic Council and joins Fairy Tail.
  • The name and magic of the council members are revealed.
  • Guran Doma is revealed to be connected to a Dark Guild (preferably Tartaros since we haven't seen them yet).

That's what I think anyway. After that, maybe a Guild Tournament arc so that we can see other members of the Lamia Scale and Quatro Cerberus guilds. If Lucy manages to get all twelve Zodiac keys, a Celestial Spirit arc may probably occur, giving some background story on our favorite Celestial Spirits. Tartaros arc, maybe. Raven Tail vs. Fairy Tail arc, this would occur near the end of the series. Dragon arc, maybe the last arc where Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy are reunited with their respective dragons. Maybe the Zeref story will be in the Dragon arc. Also, Layla Heartfilia's connection with the Dragon or Zeref will be revealed.

Note: These are just pure speculation and may or may not come true. All comments are welcome.

Let's add a poll, just for fun.

What arc would you like to see?

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