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    Futute Arcs?

    August 22, 2011 by DemiSlayer

    If you are Hiro Mashima, how would you end the S-Class Trial arc and what arc would follow it? If I am being asked these questions, here are my answers:

    1. With Hades about to defeat or kill the Fairy Tail members, Zeref arrives and gets angry at Hades for trying to kill Natsu, the only person who should be able to kill him. He angrily charges at Hades and begins to battle. After this, only two scenarios form in my head: Either Zeref defeats and kills Hades with his killing magic or is overpowered and captured by Hades who leaves. I'm leaning more on the latter one since it would allow us to see the two "Main Villains" (for me, anyway) on another arc.
    2. After the S-Class Trial arc, I believe that the next arc would be the Magic Council arc since…
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