Well i've been an anime fan for about 14-15 years now and i started by watching Dragonball Z on the TV as am sure a lot of people did. I watched other anime such as pokemon, beyblade and yu-gi-oh until i started going mad with anime over the internet about 4 years ago xD. I've watched naruto and naruto shippuden, deathnote, deadman wonderland and many more but i got recommended fairy tail and after the first episode of laughter cause of natsu's childish antics i did think i wouldn't get bored of this and a few days ago i went mad and watched like 80 episode in about 5 days xD and for some reason i feel really addicted to fairy tail, i've not got bored of it and its really random but soo different to other animes! I haven't read the manga yet but i most likely will seeing as though i've finished the anime (which sucks cause now am bored again -.-). I keep hoping for Natsu to get with Lisanna because for some reason there friendship they had as kids made me like those characters the most cause lets be serious how can you pick a favourite character out of the fairy tail guild :L but i know this won't happen because natsu's to childish to realise a lot of things but the only bad thing is that the anime is relatively new and its annoying with like naruto and bleach its only an episode a week :'( but yeh fairy tail is the best anime is my favourite anime so far! It bloody rocks :D!!

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