• Deen 'Torres' Mugal

    Well i've been an anime fan for about 14-15 years now and i started by watching Dragonball Z on the TV as am sure a lot of people did. I watched other anime such as pokemon, beyblade and yu-gi-oh until i started going mad with anime over the internet about 4 years ago xD. I've watched naruto and naruto shippuden, deathnote, deadman wonderland and many more but i got recommended fairy tail and after the first episode of laughter cause of natsu's childish antics i did think i wouldn't get bored of this and a few days ago i went mad and watched like 80 episode in about 5 days xD and for some reason i feel really addicted to fairy tail, i've not got bored of it and its really random but soo different to other animes! I haven't read the manga y…

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