• Deathsaber17


    February 20, 2011 by Deathsaber17

    Why did Caprico flip out when he found out that Lucy was Layla's daughter???

    Kinda weird...

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  • Deathsaber17

    I love the idea of a girl whooping others but, one thing bothers me,

    With all the Re-equip magics and stuff I find that whenever Lucy isn't with her keys she's useless.

    What if she could automatically recall her keys from anywhere?


    I've always wanted to start one of these. Make a mage character of your choosing, but PLEASE nothing that will be a lot like natsu or another character.




    Magic:This will be the fun part!




    Guild: (I would be really disappoitned if I find everyone in Fairytail..)

    Weapons: (this too)

    Looks: (may leave a pictgure from ZOMG! or Gaia, etc..)

    Back Story:

    Have fun

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