Umm.. So I'm technically new in this wiki. I recently decided to make an account since i visit this site every day.. :p

First, I would like to commend all the Anime and Manga reviews.. They're really awesome..

Second, Rauleli's Fight Prediction on Lucy and Yukino was really really great.. (although i believe Yukino doesn't insult that much..) Nevertheless, it was one great prediction.. would love to see it in picture (or anime.. :p)

Third, I would like to acknowledge the admin for doing a great job updating this wiki, and doing great blogs and reviews. Well Done!

I'm still a noob in here so pardon my "stupidity" some time soon.. Just don't insult or say anything harsh.. I'm always open.. Just message me or something.. Hehehe..

Just in case.. I'm a fan of celestial spirits, Mystogan and Mirajane's satan souls.. :p

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