• Darkmagiciangirl0204

    I can't say I'm disappointed in chapter 274 when I didn't expect to much to begin with. The only thing that bothers me is the ending.

    Why was Levy narrator? Is something going to happen to Lucy? What about Charles premonition?

    Theory: Charles tell's the guild about the premonition and they:

    a)Leave the tournament to prevent a catastrophe. (Although FT wouldn't run)

    They leave the tournament, allowing Raven Tail or possibly Zeref to reek havoc with the mysterious power source. With newly aquired powers, they chase Fairy Tail and force them to go into hiding. This forces Levy and Lucy to separate, the only communication available is letters.

    b)They stay in the tournament.

    The the dark power is released, either winning Raven Tail the tournament or …

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  • Darkmagiciangirl0204

    What's going on here...who drew this? Was is Hiro Mashima or simply fan art?

    I can't remember seeing this in the anime or manga before - could this, whatever it is, still happen? Is it a teaser for the next arc/movie?

    Any help would be nice, ty!

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