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Late Introduction as well.. Nyahahaha

Hi Everyone, My name is Takeshi Nishino Watanabe or my screen name is DarkBootsExtreme. I joined the wiki since May, I really like helping especially in Editing pages ( duhh.. even though my grammar is always incorrect :) ). I lived in the beautiful country in asia.. and it's PHILIPPINES, that's why, its more fun in the Philippines. Sorry for my Late introduction. and to sir Rai, Carrot nee-san, Gildats-san, Youske, and ToshiroFanGirl, thanks for welcoming me here in the wiki. I hope... I could help everyone in the wiki, and have a great time with you guys !!! Have a good Day :)

Yours Truly,

   Takeshi Nishino Watanabe..

You could add me on Facebook :

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