I just recently watched the 138th episode of Fairy Tail. There are scenes that are quite bothering me up until now. Have you noticed what the archbishop of Zentopia kept saying and kept hearing from his dreams? "Time is etched...."; it was something like that.

"Time is etched....". It is quite familiar; not quite, but really familiar! Who knows Rave Master here? Who knows Siegrain? Isn't it Siegrain's task back from Rave was to take care of the time? His task is to stop at all must anyone who will try or can destroy time.

Now, see what's happening on the current arc in the anime series of Fairy Tail. It's quite the same. The archbishop's people, Byro, Sugar Boy, Mary Hughes, Kanaloa, Coco and Dan, they are doing their best to get back the parts of the clock so no one can be able to build it.

I just feel like Mashima's being redundant now. I dont now. Maybe I just feel a little sad since the arc in the manga is not yet the arc being shown in the anime. Hee hee!



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