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  • Cosmicblaze454

    Since one battle a day is bad idea. I just do one round about 2 days. So Round 2 will be either Sunday morning or Saturday Night. So let's start.

    Battle 1: Lisanna Strauss vs Wendy Marvell

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  • Cosmicblaze454

    I've got nothing to do today so I've come up with an idea. I plan to make a best girl contest in FT Wikia so that we will knew who will be FT Wikia's Fairy Tail Best Girl!

    The rules are just simple.

    • We will have a 16 girls in the contest.
    • Everyday we will have a poll for 2 girls and determine which is better. It will be like that everyday similar to a tournament bracket. We will have the quarter finals, semifinals, finals, and a third place battle.

    The tournament bracket is here!

    Let the Hunger Games begin! First battle tomorrow between Wendy Marvell and Lisanna Strauss.

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  • Cosmicblaze454

    For some reason, I like to start a review every week each chapter and episode. I will do this every week so bear with me.

    Chapter 417

    This chapter is really a heart-warming one. It highlighted Gildarts' and Natsu's harmonious relationship. Training, eating together, and hanging out with each other is really a nice thing after a arc. Not much to say but this is amazing.

    Story: 4/5
    Art: 5/5
    Character: 5/5
    Overall: 4/5

    Episode 217

    As the filler arc, comes to closing the Celestial Spirit Beast fought Natsu and co. This episode is good at least. This is one of the few episodes were everything is exquisitely animated. And the writing was better too. The fight choreography was pretty nice. Overall, it's neat but I'm worried about its ending.

    Story: 3/5

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