Everyone on the wiki probably knows on the fourth day of the Grand Magic Games there's a tag battle, so when someone mentioned the battle rota it got me thinking about the tag battle which will happen later. As the are 8 teams each team will have to face 7 others but the are 5 days in the GMG so after 3 normal battles and one tag battle and if the and say Fairy tail A sends out two members each to battle two other members from another guild, it will leave two guilds out which have not been in a battle with Fairy Tail A, so i think and hope that the 8 members from each of the different guilds will be paired up with different guilds so it would be something like Fairy Tail A and Blue Pegasus vs Sabertooth and Lamia Scale so it would leave only one team that the guild hasn't been in a battle with. This is just an theory though but does anyone agree and if there is flaws please point them out and feel free to say who you would like to see work (or try to) together in the tag battle.

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