Hello fellow Fairy Tail Wiki people. I just thought I'd go out of my way to say happy New Year to you all. It was quite the year wasn't it? We had the Olympics in London, the sound barrier was broken by a man, there were a number of important elections throughout the world and we survived the end of the world! Well actually I personally thought it was pretty sh*t for me when looking at some big parts in my life but hey I'm grumpy b*stard. Anyway I do hope you had a better year than I did and all the best for this one. Make sure to at least try keep up with your new year's resolutions, mine is to become healthier so let’s see how long that lasts. So with this year behind us let’s look forward to the next and I hope you didn't get too hammered on New Year's, I know I didn't but I can’t say the same for my friends. Anyway to finish off lets end it with a recap like all good New Year shows but how about we keep it related to Fairy Tail. So here’s a challenge; think back this year and remember all the moments that Natsu and the gang gave us and pick out your top ten favorite moments that went down in Earth Land in 2012. Make sure the year’s correct and remember to tell us what chapter or episode it’s from and I want at least some reason to why you thought it was great please. You don’t have to if you don’t want to but it would be preferable. Now with that out of the way have fun! Man I must be bored.

Conza17’s Top Ten Fairy Tail Moments of 2012!

10: The beginning of the last day

Chapter 303

Fairy Tail Day 5

I Guess Third Time was the Charm

Now after going through some baldy executed chapters the last few weeks, this intro actually got me hyped for something good and what an intro it was. It may have been short but it was enjoyable to see all the teams enter the arena for the last time with solid determination all across the broad, shame that a lot went out so quickly *sniff* Wild TT^TT, but seeing them enter was very interesting and it drew me right in. Finally seeing Sabertooth's renewed fighting Spirit and Fairy Tail’s line with Juvia instead of Natsu was awesome as we were actually going to see what power the Strongest Five had to move their guild to the top and seeing a big finally without Natsu is always a nice twist. I felt it was a great start to what I’m hoping will be a great end to the Grand Magic Games.

9: Grand Magic Games Opening Ceremony

Chapter 267

The B-Team

Maybe you can Hire: The B-Team

What a great intro to the tournament. I remember staring in aw through the two chapters. Seeing Fairy Tail A enter was epic and then the introduction to all the other teams and the new characters, like Quatro Cerberus looking like an interesting group of blocks who were followed by lovely ladies of Mermaid Heel with one mage having a familiar aura around them. Then came the two regulars Blue Pegasus and Lamia Scale, one with the Rabbit who was very suspicious and the other with the cute yet clumsy little girl but outstandingly Jura made a return much to my joy. Anyway after a good bit of banter we got to see Raven Tail arrive on the scene, who at the time where rather threatening at the time, creating a quick rivalry with our heroes. Anyway a week later the excitement didn't die down with the rest of Fairy Tail’s top Mages join the festival too with the even bigger surprise of having Jellal make an appearance under the guise of Mystogan. Finally we got to see Fiore’s current Strongest enter the arena with the two dragon slayer whom we already met and then the gigantic brute, the masked bard and the cloaked woman. Seeing all these characters had me ready for something great. It was just exciting to see all these characters ready to fight, to see what Mages are capable of after the 7 years that had pasted and the possibilities of friendly fighting between so of our favorite Fairy Tail Mages was another excellent factor of this intro. It truly was a great start.

8: Chariot

Chapter 276, Episode 161

Bacchus and Goal

Cerberus' Greatest Triumph

Now I found a lot of enjoyment for this event mainly because of the power displayed by Bacchus. Just the chapter before we learned that 7 years ago he was on equal terms as Erza and that power could only have gotten stronger. Anyway looking that the massive stomp crushing the chariot was a great demonstration of an S-class mage’s power and viewing the start his guild had it was a relief to see him have this much power. Also the whole business with Gajeel, Natsu and Sting was pretty cool seeing Sting’s attitude towards comradeship being so negative.

7: Naval Battle

Chapter 291

Minerva Takes Victory Over Lucy

I don't Know Whether to Like Her or Hate Her?

Now what an event this was. Despite the excessive use of fan-service, wait what the hell am I saying? It was awesome and the event was great! First of all the idea of an underwater battle royale was brilliant and throughout we saw some cool spells from Juvia and a lot of humor throughout. What really made this event great was seeing Minerva and her cruelty and it was a great piece of development seeing Minerva act so harsh towards her opponent and it was torture seeing what happened to Lucy. Just seeing this unfold made Minerva a brilliant villain for the act and the aftermath was so brilliantly devilish as she basically pitied Fairy Tail allowing Lucy to take second place after what was basically and torture scene of a fight. As much as I hated seeing the end of the battle unfold I just couldn't help in take enjoyment out of the villain that was molded from these chapters. What a b*tch but she is a brilliant b*tch

6: Sting Eucliffe’s Dragon Force

Chapter 295

Hakuryu no Holy Breath

Holy Crap!

Now this was the only part of the fight I could truly enjoy. After seeing the slightly disappointing first round being one sided this came as a great surprise. Seeing Sting and Rogue activate this abilty was shocking as it made Jellal and Zero fall when in the hands of Natsu so I was waiting to see what the next generation could do and it did not disappoint. Seeing Sting singlehandedly take on Gajeel and Natsu after the beating they gave him and his teammate made up for the beginning’s flaw. The magic used was great, the struggle was tense and the sheer extent of it all was amazing. Through each page I was just couldn't help but simile over this fight. It was just brilliant to see Sting dominate the two; it’s just a pity the fight had to end like it did. Nevertheless Sting was epic and I still look back at this portion of the fight as some of the best action Hiro has pulled out in his series. Rock the Dragon!

5: Gray Fullbuster vs. Rufus Lohr

Chapter 306

One Side Chaotic Dance

It's Cooler Then Cool. It's Ice Cold

So with my expectations for the final day high I loved seeing them reached. Gray and Rufus were freaking epic this battle, the skills displayed by each Make-Mage was just so great. Memory-Make was awesome seeing Rufus’ full extent of his magic putting Gray on the rope for the most of this fight and the art for each spell was just pleasing. As for Gray the intricate design for his improved magic was a treat for my eyes and Ice-Make Unlimited, just too good. The battle was satisfying and the conclusion even more so. The whole fight was great with Mavis doubting the outcome and Gray overcoming a powerful adversary. Despite its length it was one of the best fights so far and I hope more can be like this.

4: Natsu Dragneel vs. Jiemma

Chapter 283

Uppercuting Jiemma

Assaulting the Elderly at its Finest

Respect to Natsu during this battle. After Natsu charged through Sabertooth’s weaker Mages and got past Magic Kakashi we got to see Natsu take on Jiemma, the man guilty of humiliating Yukino in front of her previous allies. The ferocity of Natsu’s attack was something to behold and I really enjoyed how it wasn't one of those fights were everyone is jumping about like crazy with basically Jiemma standing in solid form while Natsu dealt out his attacks. Even though the fight was never truly settled with Minerva intervening surprisingly blocking Natsu's lightning flames with ease but what was more surprising was seeing that Jiemma hardly had a scratch on him. It was a cool battle for the time it lasted and seeing Minerva was a nice addition to the meeting and what Natsu said before leaving, well it hit me right where it counts.

3: Jellal Fernandes vs. Jura Neekis

Chapter 274, Episode 160

Mystogan vs. Jura

When Saints Collide

Oh boy it’s never a disappointment when Jellal is around, same goes for Jura. It’s pretty easy to describe why I enjoyed this fight so much with two powerful Mages displaying a great extent of their power. Hey look it did all ready. Anyway just seeing Jellal and Jura in action again was epic and I really wish we were allowed to see more of this fight. It was a little disappoint towards the end with Ultear and Meredy stopping the fight from going on but from what we saw before hand was pleasantly satisfying, also I did like the humor of the ending.

2: Lucy Heartfilia vs. Flare Corona

Chapter 271-272, Episode 159

Lucy and Gemini Casting UM

She's on Her Way to Greater Things

Lucy, your one of favorite characters in the series so I may be being bias here but this is my list. Anyway this fight was a great intro to what to expect in this arc. Fast phased, suspenseful and epic. I loved how it showed what Lucy was now capable of having relied on her friends in basically ever battle previous to this one. Lucy really out did herself this battle having dominated Flare at the start and countering everything she threw at her and it was really tense when Asuka was brought into the mix. What really made this fight was Urano Metria. Seeing Lucy pull this out with Gemini was epic and even though it didn't connect in the end, a massive amount of respect was gained through this battle and it also highlighted how dastardly and b*stardly Raven Tail were. To conclude Lucy was a spectacle to behold this fight. You go girl.

Now let’s take a moment to go over those that didn't quite make it.

Laxus Dreyar vs. Raven Tail, Erza Scarlet vs. Kagura Mikazuchi vs. Minerva, The Reveal of the Hooded Figure, Pandemonium and Acnologia’s Origins/Dragon’s History.

I do consider these great moments in the series but it’s just that these moments weren't as great as the rest.

1: Hidden

Chapter 269-270, Episode 159

Into A Falling Star Night

Worthy Fireworks for the Time of Year

Finally my top Fairy Tail moment for the year was the Hidden event. The first event of the games had everything I hoped to see at the start. Seeing the Mages throughout the battle and Gray and Juvia’s struggle to even get a point was entertaining. I wanted to see the abilities of these Mages of the world seven years ahead and they did not disappoint. I expected then to give Gray and incredibly though time and he did. Nullpuding was cunning and strong being able to land way too many hits on the two Fairy Tail Mages this battle, showing what to expect from Raven Tail and Rufus was everything to expect from this battle being one of the strongest Mages of his guild. He near effortlessly won the event, which was shocking and amazing. This event had it to my top spot mainly because it showed a little of what the second could do; it showed the power of the Mages that left Fairy Tail in the dust over the seven years with Mages like Rufus on top now and it gave a great start to see how Fairy Tail would try overcome their opponents this arc. It was my favorite part of Fairy Tail this year. Also it was like Assassin’s Creed’s Multiplayer.

Well that’s my list. Happy New Year even if I’m a little late but it's been a busy two days here. So to all of you I hope to see any lists you guys have got and have a great year.

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