Ah dragons, the great winged beasts of many powers. These 'friendly' lizards have always been back in the subplot category of the series. Even though the mystery behind the dragons has never really been focused on fully, the recent arc in the manga has us expecting a dive into the history of the dragons and what they are currently up to in the world of Fairy Tail. Mainly this has been hinted with the reveal of the Ryuuousai or Dragon King Festival and Dragon's Graveyard. Now with the Ryuuousai coming up soon in the series -and by soon I mean roughly 2-3 months but I'm guessing with what still has to go down on the 4th day, the day off and the 5th day it will actually make the wait longer now that I think about it but anyway back to my point. The mention of the Ryuuousai had me wonder a few things about the Dragons. It appears that the Ryuuousai will involve dragons (if that wasn't obvious enough) and Zeref and I say is the reason for the disappearance of the dragons, well the ones that weren't in the graveyard but thinking about this had me wonder “Did the Dragons try to prepare their Dragon Slayers for this event?” I think if that was the case it would make quite a bit of sense to me. The dragons took these children under their wing (pun intended) and it would surprise about them preparing their slayers would give them a higher chance of survival and show their care for them, being dragons that don’t just train a child in the ways of their magic and then dump them well some of them I think. Just look at Natsu's scarf, given to him by Igneel which protected him from Zeref's Death Magic. This is just a theory of mine but I think that most of the Dragons who taught human children their magic tried preparing them for the 7th of July in different ways seeing how with the time allotted before they had to disappear from the world may not have been enough for the dragons to teach their foster child to enable them to kill a dragon and I also guess doubt that dragons would have been allowed to talk with any other race about the Ryuuousai. Anyway with normal training not being enough for the slayers here's what I feel each dragon did for the student apart from teaching them and a little how I feel it helps define the dragon's personality and relationship with their human child and tell us what I think they feel about humanity. Anyway enjoy the four points of view I have and if you get bored look at the pictures or leave.


Angry Igneel (manga)

The mighty dragon in all it's glory... and people are meant to kill it?

To start things off I'll go with the easy one, Ingeel the Fire Dragon. We all know Igneel trained our main protagonist, Natsu and gave him the iconic scarf. Now seeing as Natsu get's motion sickness it looks like Igneel taught his child to the fullest of his teaching ability in the time he had to train him, seeing how motion sickness appears to be the sign of a Dragon Slayer being able to use the fullest of their abilities for some reason. Now his gift would have been the scarf which would protect Natsu around Zeref. I feel this tells us that Igneel loved Natsu deeply like a son showing he cares for humans (to a certain extent looking at the fact their return will mean the demise for most humans in Fiore) and as for if the Dragons attack, I guess Ingeel being the proud dragon he is, he believes that Natsu would have a good chance of living through the event seeing how his child is using the powers he taught him. Still I can't help but feel Igneel is training Natsu just for the hell of seeing if he can create a human capable of beating a dragon but despite that feeling Igneel makes a good farther preparing Natsu for the true evil.

The Metal

Metalicana Avatar

Now that's a friendly face if I ever saw one

Next is Metalicana the Iron Dragon and the teacher of Gajeel. Now Gajeel stated that Metalicana is selfish and I think out of all the Dragons he cared the less for his child. Looking at how Gajeel only developed motion sickness after training for the GMG arc. I say it shows Metalicana didn't do the best job of training Gajeel as the he could of. As for the gift, Metalicana was the only one not to give his child a gift in my eyes. If the Ryuuousai does involve the Dragons trying to battle the humans I'd say Metalicana cares a lot more for the survival of the Dragons then the humans minimizing the chance of any human being able to defeat a dragon by training his child to less of an extent than the others. Still training Gajeel does show he cares for his child and humanity a little. Now Metalicana is probably the worst dragon to train under.

Touch the Sky

The Sky Dragon and Slayer

Looking at this kind of shows they were the best pair of dragon and child

Now to Grandeeney the Sky Dragon and tutor too Wendy. Now with the youngest child it's clear that Wendy wasn't going to get the least amount of training next to the others in his guild, heck did she even know how to use her magic in offence when she first appeared? Still looking at this and the time Grandeeney had before disappearing it looked like Grandeeney did the most to prepare her child for the Ryuuousai. Now looking at the Sky Dragon’s powers of healing it looks the seeing how that’s pretty much all Wendy knew when we first met her Wendy would have be very useful for any human caught in the destruction caused by the Ryuuousai, Grandeeney looked like she cares for humanities existence. Now seeing that compared to the other Dragon Slayers, Wendy's battle power is substantially less than the other Dragon Slayers, Sky Drill would've been helpful to close up that gap slightly. Now the most helpful gift would be Milky Way. Seeing that it's be described to allow the user to communicate with the souls of dragons long gone giving a probability of Wendy and the group in the Dragon's Graveyard a chance of finding out about the upcoming event. This makes me think that Grandeeney cared more for her child then the other two mentioned. Still I think those spells where meant to be given to Wendy before X791 but because of the time skip it didn't go as planned but entrusting these powerful spells to Porlyusica who would then give them to Wendy is good planning and technically she’s not telling them about the Ryuuousai so I guess Grandeeney is safe. I say that makes Grandeeney, a loving and caring mother to her child.

Ebony and Ivory

White Dragon Force

Weisslogia made Sting go Super Saiyan so you know it was a good teacher

For this last one I am going to put these two together because it seems easier this way. Now finally Weisslogia the White Dragon and Skiadrum the Shadow Dragon, foster parents to Sting and Rogue. Okay just thinking if these two dragons were present at the same time as the other three were, I'd say Rogue and Sting would be roughly the same age as Wendy when the timeskip occurred seeing how they are roughly the same age Natsu now who I presume is 18 in body. Despite their age it looks like the two dragons did a fair job of training their foster children seeing that they are probably as strong as or stronger than Natsu and Gajeel were pretimeskip. Anyway their gift; the Dragon Lacrima implanted in the bodies of the two Dragon Slayers. Now these two dragons were apparently killed by Sting and Rogue explaining how they got the Lacrima, but wait if Sting and Rogue couldn't overcome Natsu or Gajeel how did they kill a dragon? Well I honestly think they did actually kill a dragon and afterwards took the Lacrima for the parents and implanted it into their bodies one way or another but there is a scenario though that plays in my head for how exactly these dragons were killed. First of all I believe these dragons to have meetings between each other like Gradeeney and Igneel did but more frequent. Anyway before the dragons left say these dragons grew really close to their foster child and knowing the future (aka the Ryuuousai) would cause a great amount of destruction and take many lives, the two dragons couldn't bear the thought of their child being killed. Knowing this they set out a plan to strengthen their children by giving them their power. Now how this went down. I’m really guessing here but I think that these two dragons would have tried to get Sting and Rogue to kill them but before that, try breaking all emotional connection they had to their parents knowing that giving the Lacrima from their bodies would kill them and if Sting and Rogue knew this they’d feel an unbearable amount of guilt for the deaths of their parents. So what I believe these dragons tried to do is attack Sting and Rogue making it look like their trying to kill their children causing Sting and Rogue fight back, breaking the emotional connection between dragon and child and then folding for Sting and Rogue and inevitably dying for the sake of their children.
Third Generation's Taunt

Well something bad must have happened to make them like this

That’s what I think happened to them but there is the trouble of them actually knowing how to remove the Lacrima from the dragons yet it would kind of explain their slightly dickish behaviour when they first appeared and the disregard for the dragon parents by blatantly stating that the just killed them. Just thinking about them brings new scenarios, like the Lacrima being transferred by the dragons and having the Sting and Rogue battle them in the dying state which the two young Dragon Slayers would be unaware of, but I bet you don’t want to sit through another theory. Anyway the past of these dragons and the slayers are shrouded in mystery for the time being. Hey maybe Wendy could help by communicating to the souls of these two intriguing dragons, heck maybe in chapter 301.

In the End

Well that’s my theory. Probably not the best but heck it’s something to read. Anyway I hope it makes you wonder a bit about the dragons and other related topics and I'd glad to see your comments, even if they would probably be based on correcting spelling and grammar mistakes of mine and I hope you enjoy it.

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