Warning: This blog may contain minor spoilers for those not up to date with Fairy Tail’s Manga. It’s only certain characters you may not know about but anyway just be careful as these guys sound pretty cool. Even stronger then Jura... now that’s something. Also what you are about to read is probably crap. You have been warned.

Now for the real message

I’m Back!

It’s good to be back, who missed me?... Anyone? Really? Not a single person? Oh come on! Anyway I made a little play below inspired by the newest chapter (please take note of the date to avoid confusion). Well the reason for this is that I got bored after my exams and going into town, to celebrate the end of my estimate exams in an attempt to wash away our sorrows, so I fought I make a little something to signal my return. Anyway I hope you enjoy the crappy piece of crap below. There are also some ideas I had if you want to give them a read to.

Now here are a few extra's if you want to have a read of them as well.

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