Warning! This blog may contain major spoilers on Rave and Fairy Tail! If you are have not read Rave or Fairy Tail and want to read them in the future I advise you to read them before looking at this page. You have been warned. Mainly there’s one question I want to ask is at the end of the passage so fell free to skip the first two paragraphs

Recently I was rereading Rave (Hiro Mashima's Manga he made before Fairy Tail) and I was making comparisons between it and Fairy Tail and I was thinking how much darker Rave was to Fairy Tail. Some may think "Rave dark? How can it be dark with all the happiness and humour in the series?" Well they’re probably mostly right Rave is a very funny manga, but some parts in the series can be consider rather dark or even to go as far as brutal at some points (obviously not as bad in the gore factor as some mangas and animes which come to mind). Parts that come to mind are the empire's attack on Demon Card's base in the past killing Kings wife injuring his son Lucia and killing a large number of the Demon Card members, Lucia escaping from his prison and killing all the guards present and Jengan's death along with everyone else in Wrist Dome at the hands of Shakuma while Jegan's brother watches him and the city's demise after Jegan started to leave his dark past behind him and starts to begin a life devoid of evil.

With the character dying in main it's about time I got onto the main topic of the page. Unlike Fairy Tail lots of characters, good or bad, lose their lives in Rave and in a book, movie or any other way to express a fictional story, when a character dies mixed feeling can sprout within the audience. This can vary for sadness to anger and even joy in some cases. I say the more interesting the character the more feeling is expressed and quite a lot of the deaths in made me feel a verity of feelings and it also gives the characters time to develop in the story and for the reader to connect with the character in some cases, but in Fairy Tail it sometimes hard to feel anything for the characters. For example Natsu is quite a hard character to like even though I like him a lot of people dislike him. I see why as a main character the spotlight can be focused around him more than the other characters others prefer over the hot headed dragon slayer. My problem is though is how this character can seem to be one dimensional with going through roughly the same thing arc after arc with acting recklessly and then fighting for a friend at the end of an arc with not much lessons learned or development, he just seems to be the same old Natsu people love or hate. When character dies a character can go through development as different feelings emerge for them as the deal with the death of that character which passed away and I believe it would change Natsu and allow him to develop more. Well anyway enough of the Natsu bashing, on to the question.

So what I want ask you is that if one of the major characters had to die in Fairy Tail tell me

1. Who you think should be the one to die?
2. How will they be killed?
3. How it will affect the characters around the decided?
4. What it may lead up to?

Personally I believe Makarov would be the best choice if any big roles were to die. A way that he could die could happen in this current arc in the ensuing chaos the Eclipse Plan is bond to bring after the Grand Magic Games with Iwan Dreyar taking his chance to kill him, crippling Fairy Tail. His death would affect a huge amount of people in the series and if he were to die we would see how all were to reach with his passing. Would anyone sink into a deep pit of despair over the loss of the man loved by so many, but the most interesting thing is how the different ways Laxus could react. Of course he would be sad at the start but what if he saw this as an opportunity for him to become the guild master and create the Fairy Tail he wanted, will he seek revenge or will he take this opportunity to grab lost dreams. It could also lead into a whole new arc where the new Master would be decided.

That’s what I think but I hope to hear what you all think if any major character were to die.
P.S. Please don't just put the reason "I hate this character" or a least have one with reason and one as a joke.

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