Hello people of Fairy Tail Fandom, Classic Fan 92, A few days ago, I was bumming around the internet and I found an interesting theory on who Irene Belserion really is: Erza Knightwalker. Now I know some people think Irene is actually Erza's mom, but then I started to think about a few facts. 1) It has been 8 years since Fairy Tail has visited Edolas, and a lot can happen in a few years. Seeing that hated look on her face when asking for Erza's death, does remind me of a certain Fairy Killer. 2) I remember the anime episode 96 showed us Knightwalker was still in a bitter mode about losing to her counterpart. 3) While the two don't fully act like the same person, various villains, not just in Fairy Tail, have masked who they really are. So Fairy Tail fans, what do you think?

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