(Just wondering, does anyone know why Ice Trail seems to always be translated later than FT Zero? Is it due to piracy issues again or they just don't get it done as fast?)

The cover is... confusing. Confusing as in how did Gray get on top of a perfectly round igloo, about 3 times his height? (How did they even make a perfectly round igloo, anyway...?)

So it seems Gray's fight at Black Vox is over, and he's left with Gildarts. ...Or not 'with' him, they just happened to be going in the same direction. They start fighting over whether Gildarts is following Gray or if he's just going in the exact same direction that leads to the middle of nowhere. (A likely story.)

This fight gets inturrupted by a quick flashback, where we're taken back to right after Gildarts beats the crap out of everyone and saves Gray. Gray is amazed by his power but, him being a tsundere, he decides to be an annoying little shit and brag about how much more poerful Ur was. And then proceeds to headbutt Gildarts xD That was hilarious, perfect timing.

Back their journey out in the middle of nowhere, Gildarts bribes Gray with a piece of bread, and says he'll give him bread if he says 'Gildarts is the strongest'. But screw that because Gray just tries to eat Gildarts' hand xD

Trying to distract Gray from his hand, Gildarts asks Gray who his master was. It seems Gildarts ran into Ur a while ago, when he was on a mission. (There's a flashback showing this) I was glad we got to see more of Ur here. I was hoping for a bit more, but this was still nice. (Also I`d really like to know how she could see under all the hair...)

Overall, I thought this chapter was better than the previous ones, even though not as much happened. Gray and Gildarts fighting all the time was pretty funny, and now we know how Gray is going to get to Fairy Tail. Hopefully as the story goes on, we get to see more of Ur. 8/10

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