The cover is all about the terrors of caribou (poor Lyon xD)

We pick up where a dark guild has thrown a tree on the train (ah, public property damage) and are proceeding to kidnap the old guy named Torch, since they want to get their guild master out of jail and Torch can do that.

BUT WAIT--flying cars exist in the world of FT! wow, I didn't know that was a thing! flying cars! (maybe I'm just too happy about that...)

So it seems Gray is also aboard the magical flying car, and apparently yelling about the prison (called Black Vox) doesn't get him caught..? alrighty then.. It is pretty weird though, just a bunch of floating cubes.

They go inside Black Vox, and the dark guild, using Torch as a hostage, tries to make a 'deal' with... Grog? wait, that's really his name? Grog? okay...

Anyway, Grog lets them have their guild master (who's name is Drum... Torch, Grog, and Drum...great names...), but Drum decides to use Black Vox as his guild, since it's somewhat the same thing as Impel Down and the most dangerous criminals are there, not to mention the best defenses the world (or at least Fiore) has ever seen.

Drum is about to kill Torch and Grog, when..A WILD GRAY APPEARS! (And it seems that everyone wasn't in that much danger because Drum does nothing while they talk about what just happened T-T)

But then Drum lets all of the prisoners out, who are some pretty weird looking people, by the way. And it looks like Gildarts is one of these prisoners (it makes sense, since he's responsible for 75% of collateral damage caused by Fairy Tail).

Gray tries to fight Drum, but that doesn't go so well, because Drum practically beats him in one hit. The chapter ends as Gray and Grog are about to be crushed.

A pretty decent chapter, I think. The weird logic is still in place, though...

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