At the beginning of Fairy Tail, when all the characters were being introduced, I thought there were some pretty weird people in this story (there are, actually). I felt like it would be a very funny manga/anime with all the FT members, but at the same time, it seemed like a lot of these charcters would get to be pretty annoying eventually. Then Erza was introduced. I liked her because she was cool and collected, not like all the other characters, and I was impressed by how strong she was. She got to one of my favorite characters pretty quickly. Then I got to the Tower of Heaven arc, and it felt like Erza got even better. At the part when she was fighting Ikaruga, she said that she felt insecure without armor on (and that she 'locked her heart away with armor', but that doesn't matter because it was stupid), and then requips into her hakama/flaming pants/armor-nor-armor. I was scared that she would turn into a helpless character that couldn't do anything for herself. Thankfully that didn't happen. She seemed a lot less serious than before, but she was still the same great Erza. Better, actually. She always seemed to fight the almost-strongest (because apparently Natsu always has to have the final battle -_-) person. Everytime. That started to get old. And then she started requipping into the flame pants a lot. It was awesome when she did this in the ToH, and on Tenrou it made sense because she was focusing all her power into one strike, but after that, the flame pants were used way too much. And all those times were because of the unnecessary, overused, bullshit nakama power. Not to mention all of Erza's fights seem almost identicle. What I'm trying to say is that everything involving Erza just blurs together because it feels like the same thing, and it's really getting old. I want Erza to be as amazing as she used to be. I still really like her, but I wish Mashima would stop doing the same things over and over.

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