Episode 204: Stake My Life on Hospitality

For the third episode in a row, we start off with the same slow music (because originality). It does fit though. It's a very calm day and Lucy, Yukino (YYYEEAAHHHH!!!! SHE'S BACK!!), Natsu, and Happy, are on this very serene and peaceful hill in the middle of nowhere. Very relaxing and--HOLY SHIT WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! WHAT WAS THAT EXPLOSION OF NOISE!! Oh, wait it's just the opening. It's a pretty good opening. It kind of reminds me of Yakusoku no Hi e (only that one was better). Also, why is Yukino trying to eat her Ophiuchus key (in the opening)?

Anyway, the reason everyone is at this hill is to summon all their spirits (the 12 zodiac ones) so they can thank them for closing the Eclipse gate. They have some pretty weird requests. I didn't even understand what Libra's was. Pisces was funny, eating Happy. Virgo finally gets her 'punishment' (why did she have watermelon on the cover of her book?), and Cancer gives Happy an afro. The ending was really sweet with Aquarius and Lucy (gives me flashback to chapter 384...)

So, the ending! There's not much to it, just the Zodiacs and the FT members running. But who cares about that, because the song itself is great! I'm happy we finally have an upbeat ending! I don't think there's been one since Glitter.

This episode was alright. Not a whole lot to it, though. I guess it was just starting off the Eclipse Celestial Spirit arc. 7/10

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