Most of the time, whenever the anime comes out, I can’t get a review done until the manga is released. By that time it’s kind of late for the anime, so I might as well put them together. I’m pretty much just testing this out right now, so feedback is appreciated!

Episode 202: Welcome Back, Frosch

We start off in a market (which has some pretty echoy sound effects) where Lector and Frosch are buying clothes, because it’s totally normal for cats to go shopping, much less for clothes (oh well, I should know better than to question Fairy Tail’s logic by now). Fro is like me and can’t stand waiting around for people buying clothes that look terrible, so he runs off. Of course, Lector doesn’t notice this until later. (Cats are irresponsible.)

After the opening, we cut to people talking about how Sabertooth has become friendlier after Jiemma and Minerva disappeared, also because Sting is the guild master now. Speaking of Sting, here he is now! …Being a total perv and telling Yukino to take off her clothes. It’s all for a good cause, though. That’s right, Sabertooth now has a pool! Everyone is so happy that they’re the only guild with a pool. Meanwhile, back at Fairy Tail, they’re all is enjoying the pool they built seven years ago, before anyone had even heard of Sabertooth. Anyway, Lector has to ruin everyone’s fun by running in and telling them he lost Frosch. Needless to say, Rogue is pretty pissed.

We’re back at the weird sound effect place AKA the scene of the crime (more commonly known as the market.) Also at the market are Gajeel, eating a sword, and Wendy, who apparently has a swimsuit fetish. Neither of them are very helpful with finding the frog-cat hybrid.

Once again, the Saber members run off and this time they encounter…..Ichiya…. -_- Nope. Just Nope. I basically had the same reaction as Rogue. Moving on……

They’re luck has finally turned because a wild Frosch appears! They start to run off towards the cat, except Yukino gets her boobs grabbed by Rogue and Sting does not approve at all. This part was hilarious, with the way Sting came in xD Anyway, Fro is actually smarter than we thought, because he’s trying to get back to the guild by himself. *cue inspirational music* Wait, what? I’m with Sting & Lector on this. That seems impossible.

They decide to let Frosch do something on his own for once, which immediately doesn’t work because a horse-drawn carriage is heading right towards that little ball of cuteness we call Frosch. Rogue tries to be a hero and direct the horse away. A dragonslayer on a vehicle? I don’t think so.

Frosch then encounters Kagura & Milliana. This part was great! I was glad that Frosch thinking he was a frog was mentioned. Also, I never thought anyone would ever fight over this frog, or cat, or thing (exceed, I mean). Before they can do anything, he’s gone again.

And where is he? Now some frog catchers are after him. Not too much worth mentioning here, just some FT filler. The wandering Fro encounters some more fairies. The part with Gray & Juvia was really cute (except that Gray never misses a chance to strip), and Erza in a Frosch suit was great xD

After the longest journey of his life, Frosch is finally at the guild hall! That is, the Fairy Tail guild hall. The morale of this story is never ask Erza for directions.

I really liked this episode. It kept me laughing. I was happy to see Sabertooth and Mermaid Heel again. A couple meh parts, but that doesn’t matter. Also, just wanted to mention this, the new title screen thing with the FT flag looks really cool! ^-^ (Rating: 9/10)

Chapter 403: Erza vs Kyouka

(Skipping the cover. Not that it’s bad, I just don’t know what to say about it.)

We jump right into this chapter with Kyouka breaking Erza’s armour with her bare hands. That’s some pretty awesome strength. Or it would be, if those were normal hands, they’re more like claws now. Yes, Kyouka has finally transformed into her Etherious form! I’ve been waiting so long to see this. She looks great, but sadly it’s not too different from what she normally looks like. Oh well, I’ll take what I can get.

The timer on the activation of the Faces starts ticking down faster. (Hmm, maybe this means they will be activated after all?) Kyouka explains that her curse is strength, which makes her become stronger with each second, and it doesn’t have any limits. Wow. She once again states that she has formed an organic link with Face, and she isn’t scared to die because of it. Even though she wants to get back to Zeref and there’s no way to do this if she dies. First with Minerva saying she’s the strongest and then she’s the weakest, then Silver being all over the place claiming he’s Deliora, and now Kyouka? Tartarus, just make up your minds!

It seems Kyouka has seen DragonBall Z, because she knows that screaming makes you stronger. Something that looks like lightning comes out of her and hits everyone around her. This stuff apparently makes everyone feel ‘ultimate pain’ (finally, we know why this part of the arc is called that). Kyouka’s attack was meant for Erza, but she hit everyone else because she can’t control her power very well. Wait… She’s a member of the Nine Demon Gates, yet she can’t control her power? -_-

I guess the worst pain Erza has ever felt in her entire life wasn’t enough for Kyouka, because she takes away Erza’s senses, too. Titania should be dead by now. But wait! Somehow she gets up… because there’s a light in her mind that’s guiding her.


I’ll admit that was pretty epic and all, with her getting up even after all that, plus that punch was awesome, but a light guiding her? That’s bullshit. There could be better reasons for her to keep fighting. (For example, you could just leave out the light and say that she gets up because even if it’s the worst pain she’s ever felt she can’t let Tartarus succeed.)

This chapter was all over the place. Kyouka was awesome, as usual. Erza was doing pretty good, except for that ending… Also, why hasn’t Minerva done anything to help? I think she’s at least a little bit stronger than Erza (especially now that she’s a demon), so if Erza can fight, Minerva should be able to, too. Anyway, the next chapter is called 00:00, so maybe that means the counter runs out and Face actually gets activated (hopefully). (Rating: 6/10)

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