Episode 200: Drop of Time

We start off with everyone getting back to their lives after the Grand Magic Games and the whole thing with the dragons. Part of this is an old lady walking around Crocus. (Doesn't seem important....or does it?)

It switches to Fairy Tail, who are reluctant to finally have to leave Crocus, since it feels like they've been there for a long time. (Yeah, about a two years.) Also, Quatro Cerberus, the Garou Knights and Cana have been drinking all night (no surprises there).

Then Wendy and Carla return with the fanciest carriage they've ever seen, which is cheap...? Wow, Crocus is a pretty classy place. Although, a carriage probably wasn't the greatest idea, because Natsu gets motion sickness right away and Wendy can't use troia because she's out of magic.

But wait! This episode just got a lot better because Jellal is in it! Oh yeah, and Meredy, too. They walk through the town as they discuss how they pretty much broke time. And then Doranbalt finds them.

Before we can see why he's there, we cut to the Magic Council where Lahar and Org are talking about how there were apparently illusions of dragons created for the celebration after the games, but Lahar missed this because he was sleeping. Confused? You should be. Doranbolt altered the council members' memories so they wouldn't find out about the Princess using Eclipse. (Also, Doranbolt asks Jellal and Meredy if they've found Ultear yet. Since when does he know Ultear? I don't think there was ever a time when they could've met. Oh well...) Before leaving, Doran tells them Cobra said that the gates of hell would be opening, and Jellal & Meredy know that means Tartarus.

We cut back to Fairy Tail again, who've stopped at a field with a giant rock in it. To sum it up, they want to do a lot of stuff when they get back to Magnolia, Erza can't draw, and once again we have to hear about Gray's past (what is it now, the 50th time we've seen this flashback?) Speaking of Gray, he seems to kind of figured out that Ultear was responsible for time going back. I think he has, anyway.....

And we're back at Crime Sorciere again. As Jellal and Meredy are still looking for Ultear, they encounter the old lady we saw at the beginning. She gives them a letter from Ultear, which gets Meredy all excited. Yeah, that won't last for long. Ultear's letter basically says that she's dead (well, more like she doesn't have a long time left to live).

Back at FT, Natsu still has motion sickness. Gray sees the old lady standing in the middle of the road and realizes it's Ultear. The episode ends with everybody sad about Ultear.

I thought this was a pretty good episode to wrap up the Grand Magic Games. Thank goodness they've finally gotten better at the animation. I really liked the filler with Ultear at the beginning, and that little part with the Council members thinking that the dragons were illusions; it seemed to explain those parts better. However, we didn't need to hear about Gray again. Aside from that, it was a pretty fun episode.

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