Chapter 402: Fire Dragon's Iron Fist

The cover is pretty nice, especially the background. Not too much I can say about it, though.

We pick up right where we left off, with Natsu hurtling towards Mard Geer, who is surprised to hear that Natsu is Igneel's son, which is kinda weird because I thought that was a well known fact. Anyway, Natsu somehow manages to dodge Geer's thorns even though he's never even seen them before. That's some pretty great skill. Natsu and Igneel simultaneously do the most epic Fire Dragon's Iron Fist I've ever seen, which was just plain awesome.

Running out of options, Geer telepathically tells Kyouka to speed up the activation of Face by forming a link with herself. Kyouka transforms into her Etherious form, leaving me with high expectations for the Erza-Kyouka battle next week. (Maybe that`s not such a good idea...the last time I had high expectations for Erza fighting, her fist started 'crying')

I guess this chapter wasn't too bad. I was hoping Sting & Rogue would beat Geer for a change (instead of Natsu). I'm happy that the Faces will still be activated, it would be a little weird for us to have all those chapters with Wendy wanting to destroy them all for nothing (also, that means we get to see the other guilds that haven't been shown yet...probably).

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