PREVIOUSLY ON FAIRY TAIL: Acnologia is back again (possibly to destroy END)! Just as he arrived and started destroying everything, Igneel came out of Natsu! Yes, that's right. Natsu had a dragon inside him this whole time.

Chapter 401: Igneel vs. Acnologia

The cover is so cute :3 But I didn't know stars were yummy...

The two dragons face off as everyone is just as confused as we are about Igneel being in Natsu. Also, the dragonslayers have stopped throbbing (now I'm even more curious about what that was). The other members of Fairy Tail have no idea who Igneel is, but Mard Geer has decided he won't let either of the dragons interfere with this, and he plans to erase them...? (I'm still trying to make sense of that sentence.)

Getting back to the main characters, Natsu is pissed off about Igneel not telling him anything about why he and the other two dragons disappeared on 7/7/777. But Igneel can't tell him anything right now because it's kinda hard to fight a dragon and answer questions at the same time.

Igneel continues to fight Acnologia. He gets to the point where he should've won, but Acnologia doesn't even have a scratch on him. Wow, I knew he was strong, since FT's attacks on Tenrou didn't affect him at all, but that much? That's pretty amazing.

Natsu get's a 'job request' (or something like that) from Igneel to get the END book away from Geer. Apparently Natsu is the only one who can get that book, but he can't open it (all you 'Natsu=END' theorists must be pretty happy right now). So Igneel launches Natsu at Geer, and that's where we end.

I really liked this chapter. It was great seeing Igneel fighting. I'm really excited for next week, though. It seems like this chapter was just setting everything up for next time, so I can't wait to see what'll happen!

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