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  • ChocolateSquirrel

    (Just wondering, does anyone know why Ice Trail seems to always be translated later than FT Zero? Is it due to piracy issues again or they just don't get it done as fast?)

    The cover is... confusing. Confusing as in how did Gray get on top of a perfectly round igloo, about 3 times his height? (How did they even make a perfectly round igloo, anyway...?)

    So it seems Gray's fight at Black Vox is over, and he's left with Gildarts. ...Or not 'with' him, they just happened to be going in the same direction. They start fighting over whether Gildarts is following Gray or if he's just going in the exact same direction that leads to the middle of nowhere. (A likely story.)

    This fight gets inturrupted by a quick flashback, where we're taken back to right…

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  • ChocolateSquirrel


    October 24, 2014 by ChocolateSquirrel

    At the beginning of Fairy Tail, when all the characters were being introduced, I thought there were some pretty weird people in this story (there are, actually). I felt like it would be a very funny manga/anime with all the FT members, but at the same time, it seemed like a lot of these charcters would get to be pretty annoying eventually. Then Erza was introduced. I liked her because she was cool and collected, not like all the other characters, and I was impressed by how strong she was. She got to one of my favorite characters pretty quickly. Then I got to the Tower of Heaven arc, and it felt like Erza got even better. At the part when she was fighting Ikaruga, she said that she felt insecure without armor on (and that she 'locked her he…

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  • ChocolateSquirrel

    Episode 204: Stake My Life on Hospitality

    For the third episode in a row, we start off with the same slow music (because originality). It does fit though. It's a very calm day and Lucy, Yukino (YYYEEAAHHHH!!!! SHE'S BACK!!), Natsu, and Happy, are on this very serene and peaceful hill in the middle of nowhere. Very relaxing and--HOLY SHIT WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! WHAT WAS THAT EXPLOSION OF NOISE!! Oh, wait it's just the opening. It's a pretty good opening. It kind of reminds me of Yakusoku no Hi e (only that one was better). Also, why is Yukino trying to eat her Ophiuchus key (in the opening)?

    Anyway, the reason everyone is at this hill is to summon all their spirits (the 12 zodiac ones) so they can thank them for closing the Eclipse gate. They h…

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  • ChocolateSquirrel

    After going through the Igneel vs. Acnologia chapters again, and seeing that even Igneel can't do much to the Dragon King, it's not that likely that Igneel will actually win this fight. Not to mention END is seems to be more powerful than both dragons, so if END does get revived, neither of them stand a chance. No matter what happens, poor Natsu will probably lose Igneel right after getting him back.

    What could happen is right before Igneel dies in some way, he gives Natsu a vague hint (because apparently nothing can ever be completely clear) about why he disapeared on 7/7/777, what happened to the other dragons, etc. Natsu & crew go to investigate, and it turns out it has something to do with Zeref, leading up the final fight with Zeref. (…

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  • ChocolateSquirrel

    Most of the time, whenever the anime comes out, I can’t get a review done until the manga is released. By that time it’s kind of late for the anime, so I might as well put them together. I’m pretty much just testing this out right now, so feedback is appreciated!

    We start off in a market (which has some pretty echoy sound effects) where Lector and Frosch are buying clothes, because it’s totally normal for cats to go shopping, much less for clothes (oh well, I should know better than to question Fairy Tail’s logic by now). Fro is like me and can’t stand waiting around for people buying clothes that look terrible, so he runs off. Of course, Lector doesn’t notice this until later. (Cats are irresponsible.)

    After the opening, we cut to people ta…

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