Hi all, I don't Think I have properly introduced myself, some of you may of seen me lurking around. I am Chenw, call me anything from Tim, Timmeh (ok, not this one) or Chenners.

Chapter 300 is out, the most notable events are:

1. Jellal mentioning the hooded woman to Crime Sorciere, all of which are surprised at the revelations.

2. More of the woman is revealed. She is implied to have lost her right arm (due to the fact she uses her mouth rather than her right hand to pull out her pen cap) and that she writes.

3. Sting and Rogue is officially reprimanded by the guild master of ST, with the GM officially firing them from the Guild, and as well as lecter being the victim of STGM's (blind) wrath. Sting attacks the GM in retaliation, and it looks like it did some damage to the GM. Minerva, however, looks pleased.

4. The revelation of Gajeel's discovery to Team Natsu bar Erza, and Team Exceed, as well as Wendy's realisation that Milky Way may not actually be an attack magic, but rather one that allows the user to talk to dragons directly.

All in all, very little have progressed in the story line, and introduced more cliffhangers and unanswered questions:

A. Why is Minerva pleased at the fact that Sting attacked his GM/her father in retaliation? Does she want to take over the guild for herself, or is this actually a ruse to get Sting and Rogue back on track?

B. Most important of all, STGM firing both Sting and Rogue, two of their top five, is STGM that blind to his own rage that he has failed to see that firing both will actually doom ST's tournament performance, or does he have another trick up his sleeve?

C. The woman in the hood is heavily implied that she has somehow lost her right arm, and that she was initially right handed (her left hand shakes when she is writing, which would happen if one was to write with their off hand). Who is this woman? Could she a survivor of a very traumatic past/future?

Anyway, that's my analysis of the chapter, probably a lot of BS...

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