• Chenw

    Chapter 300

    September 21, 2012 by Chenw

    Hi all, I don't Think I have properly introduced myself, some of you may of seen me lurking around. I am Chenw, call me anything from Tim, Timmeh (ok, not this one) or Chenners.

    Chapter 300 is out, the most notable events are:

    1. Jellal mentioning the hooded woman to Crime Sorciere, all of which are surprised at the revelations.

    2. More of the woman is revealed. She is implied to have lost her right arm (due to the fact she uses her mouth rather than her right hand to pull out her pen cap) and that she writes.

    3. Sting and Rogue is officially reprimanded by the guild master of ST, with the GM officially firing them from the Guild, and as well as lecter being the victim of STGM's (blind) wrath. Sting attacks the GM in retaliation, and it looks …

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