So last week I posted a blog about the chapter and how I was disappointed with the direction of the series. I decided then that this week, I should post about my thoughts regarding the current direction of the series, especially post Grand Magic Games.

To start, I'd like to mention the good things I've enjoyed about this Eclipse section, since I don't want this to seem like a rant, seeing as I still love the show.

Opening of the Gate
The most enjoyable part for me would have to be that Natsu actually lost a fight. The developments have at least been interesting, even if they are totally predictable, and it has a lot of room for an interesting story to take place. The fact that the dragons actually came was nice, since it would have been irritating to see Lucy simply close the gate and everyone to be happy.

Now to get to my main point.

Fairy Tail overall has been a good show, and it has as much potential as any of the big 3 or more. However, recently the show has begun to enter a downward spiral of linear plot progression and friendship power-ups that make it sometimes not only boring but painful to read. That being said, the show still can turn around, and I'll get to that later. As an honest fan of the series, I cannot ignore that flaws are emerging and that they exist, especially when those flaws are beginning to ruin my enjoyment of the series.

As for the linearity of the series, the show is more and more seeming as if the audience wrote it than that a mangaka did. Being a fan of the show, I watch and read reviews from fans of the series, and quite honestly I cannot think of a major plot point in this Eclipse segment that have not been predicted with great certainty by the fanbase (i.e. Rogue being half-Sting, dragons coming out of the gate).

FR Revealing Killing Sting

Who DIDN'T see this one coming?

I've watched my fair share of anime/manga, and one thing that makes me absolutely love a series is when it outsmarts me, when I can think deeply about a series and expect better; however Fairy Tail now has begun to make me overthink it. To be honest, the show has possessed a linear plot to some degree from the start, however it has had its fair share of plot developments and intrigue, as well as genuine action, that make up for that aspect of the show.

As for the friendship power-ups, I don't think that it really requires much explanation. Most everyone is aware of how gaps in strength are being unreasonably overcome with the "power of friendship" (i.e. Natsu vs. Sting/Rogue, Erza vs. Minerva, etc.). However this theme is not necessarily bad in a show, and can even be used similarly to help win fights properly. The difference is that friendship should be motivation, not actual strength, and aid the protagonist to victory rather than fill a void of strength to win.

I've never come into a Fairy Tail chapter expecting anything more than mindless fun. Unfortunately, it is very hard to enjoy a series when it is merely drawing what you think is going to happen, and the balancing factors (action in specific) become inane and dulled by friendship.

Lastly, I'd like to cover what things could make the series recover (at least in my mind), or at least make it of interest again.

Layla's former grave
Lucy's family actually is involved with Eclipse (her mom did die on July 7), especially if it involves someone going back to that time period that we know.

Future Rogue turns out to NOT be a villain. I'd always held hopes that he wouldn't be exactly as he appeared, and maybe turn out to be a complex character. Even simply him revealing a Fairy Tail guild mark would be good enough for shock value.

If the Garou Knights turn out to be of importance, seeing as how much time Hiro has wasted with them at this point. Maybe they come from the future with Rogue? Maybe they themselves are future Fairy Tail members if he is? That might be too far though, just them being important would suffice.

Jellal and Crime Sorciere actually DO SOMETHING. They've just been sitting around this past arc, and they could be really awesome to see in action. Jellal vs. Rogue would be awesome: both use a combination of light and dark in their different attacks.

Lightning Uppercut

Laxus and Jura, and the guild masters, get to go all out and we finally get to see what they're capable of. That fight was just too anti-climactic.

Arcadios turns out to be important, not just a pawn for eclipse to work. Maybe he is a villain too, maybe a hero, who knows; just make him interesting.

The most important thing for me is this: people actually die. I don't care if they end up getting brought back via Eclipse, but they foreshadowed that with Levy and I'd hate to see it just get dropped.

This needs to be at least put out there, seeing as how every single chapter review seems to be positive. And overall, I'd like to end by saying that I hope Fairy Tail turns around, because it's been an awesome ride and I'd hate to see it fail.

If you have read this far, thanks! Comments are completely welcome, I love constructive discussion.

--Cheapshotfail (talk) 00:37, April 13, 2013 (UTC)

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