I actually didn't like this chapter personally, although I can see why a person would. Fairy Tail is getting completely linear now, and every single "plot twist" in this chapter was completely predictable. If you try to look deeper, you'll just waste your time: it is completely as it appears on the surface (i.e. Rogue/Sting hybrid, the entire 5th day of the GMG, etc). The arc lacks direction so far, with no real end goal in sight, although it does have a lot of possible outcomes and plenty of plot points.

After all this, I still thought the chapter was interesting, and I wasn't bored while I read it; in fact, I didn't start disliking the chapter until I reread it a bit. If the show keeps action like last chapter up, and starts getting some interesting developments, then I can see myself really liking this arc.

My prediction of how the arc is going to continue: Lucy is trying to close the gate because the dragons are coming through, she will and everyone will be saved, Rogue will reveal some other villains from the future and there will be a bunch of fights where Natsu will come back and beat Rogue (shocker, right?).

Hopefully I'm wrong, because that sounds horribly boring.

Possible plot twists I hope happen:

Garou Knights are from the future and have been hiding their true power

Lucy's family is somehow involved with eclipse

Dragons actually do show up and wreak havoc

People actually die like Levy's cut scene shows

Future Rogue is NOT a villain

Fights with each entire GMG guild vs a single opponent

Jellal and Crime Sorciere actually fight an opponent(s)

Arcadios is from the future (maybe a villain)

Even if even one or two of these things happen, this arc could improve tremendously. As for the chapter, I'd give it a 6 out of 10, just because it turned out to be a real letdown to me. The arc has a lot of potential, it would be painful to watch it go to waste.

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