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  • Cheapshotfail

    So last week I posted a blog about the chapter and how I was disappointed with the direction of the series. I decided then that this week, I should post about my thoughts regarding the current direction of the series, especially post Grand Magic Games.

    To start, I'd like to mention the good things I've enjoyed about this Eclipse section, since I don't want this to seem like a rant, seeing as I still love the show.

    The most enjoyable part for me would have to be that Natsu actually lost a fight. The developments have at least been interesting, even if they are totally predictable, and it has a lot of room for an interesting story to take place. The fact that the dragons actually came was nice, since it would have been irritating to see Lucy s…

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  • Cheapshotfail

    I actually didn't like this chapter personally, although I can see why a person would. Fairy Tail is getting completely linear now, and every single "plot twist" in this chapter was completely predictable. If you try to look deeper, you'll just waste your time: it is completely as it appears on the surface (i.e. Rogue/Sting hybrid, the entire 5th day of the GMG, etc). The arc lacks direction so far, with no real end goal in sight, although it does have a lot of possible outcomes and plenty of plot points.

    After all this, I still thought the chapter was interesting, and I wasn't bored while I read it; in fact, I didn't start disliking the chapter until I reread it a bit. If the show keeps action like last chapter up, and starts getting some …

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  • Cheapshotfail

    Well, it appears that our favorite anime is coming to a close on March 30th. ANN released a statement confirming it's end, the replacement show is going to be a show called Driland.

    Here's the official statement:


    I hope they don't pull a Bleach and not come back, at least they should come back after the manga gets a bit further. Maybe there will be a remake like Fairy X Tail (2015) or something later on if it doesn't come back. Any thoughts on the matter?

        • Edit***

    If you read the blog post, it doesn't really make sense with little context. Someone suggested that it might be an Apri…

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